More On Lisa Marie Varon's Husband Slamming Gunman, Lee Speaks (Video), Lisa Lashes Out, More

As noted earlier, former WWE Diva Lisa Marie Varon's husband Lee slammed a gun-toting intruder at their Squared Circle restaurant in Chicago earlier this week, which is currently for sale. The story has been getting a lot of media coverage, with articles in The New York Daily News, CBS News and ABC News, which ran the story above with comments from Lee about the incident.

Lee also spoke to The Chicago Tribune, and joked about the restaurant being for sale.

"I had zero sympathy for the guy," Lee said. "There could have been a shootout in the restaurant because of him. If I wasn't so concerned about holding his hands because he may have another weapon, I would have given him the business."

As noted, Lisa and Lee have been separated for months and Lisa has been living in California. She noted that her husband had been having a fling with an employee at the restaurant named Liz, and she learned from the TMZ video below of the incident that Liz was still working there.

Lisa tweeted, "My favorite part of the footage on @TMZ is finding out that the girl that was all on my husband still works @theSQDcircle . Wow! The nerve!... I will take a backseat frm @theSQDcircle for awhile. Didn't know that the bartender that was having a fling w my husband still works for me... Hey gang! Don't feel obligated to tip the waitress tonight @thesqdcircle . Thank for you support

"Be sure to thank Liz on your way out @thesqdcircle . She's the reason I moved to California and why we are selling the restaurant. Yayyyyy!"

She also noted that there would be no more guest appearances at the restaurant by her wrestling friends in the future. She wrote that they "will probably close the doors" to the restaurant, and called out Liz by name:

Once again, here is a photo of the employee in question with her last year:

Update: The legal counsel for Liz Dal Santo is denying that Dal Santo had an affair with Lee. According to Daliah Saper of Saper Law, Dal Santo claims that Lee is just a friend, and is contemplating taking legal action after receiving hundreds of phone calls after Varon posted her phone number on Twitter last November. That tweet has since been deleted.


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