Perro Aguayo's Cause Of Death Revealed

After much speculation, ABC News is reporting the cause of death of Mexican wrestling star Perro Aguayo Jr.

Aguayo fractured three vertebrae, according to deputy prosecutor Gilberto Cota Alanis. Staff at the medical facility attempted for an hour and a half to revive Aguayo, to no avail.

Aguayo passed away following a match in Mexico involving Rey Mysterio and TNA star Manik. He was rushed to the hospital where several reports state was still showing vital signs, but was later pronounced dead. In the ABC News report, it's said that he was dead by the time he reached the hospital.

Video of the incident spread across the internet like wildfire, quickly becoming a worldwide story. Alanis also said that an investigation, and the other four wrestlers in the match would be questioned. In addition to the wrestlers, wrestling commission members and medical workers will also be questioned.

Aguayo was one of Mexico's biggest stars, with his merchandise revenue often exceeding the money he made actually wrestling. His father, Perro Aguayo Sr is one of the most important wrestlers in the history of lucha libre.