Perro Aguayo Hasn't Been Notified Of His Son's Passing, CRASH Covering Funeral Expenses

ESPN Deportes in Mexico reports that Mexican wrestling legend Perro Aguayo still has not been informed of his son's tragic death because he is not in good health and there is concern over how he will take the news.

As noted, Lucha Libre star Hijo del Perro Aguayo passed away after an accident during a match in Tijuana, Mexico on Friday night after a spot with Rey Mysterio. TNA stars Manik and Tigre Uno were also in the match. Aguayo was rushed to a hospital about a block away and then pronounced dead at around 1am local time. His cause of death was reported as a stroke caused by cervical spinal damage and the medical report says he suffered from whiplash, according to

ESPN Deportes also reports that Ignacio Delgado, owner of the indie company CRASH that was promoting the match, said at a press conference that the company will cover all funeral expenses. It sounded like the promotion is doing what it can for Aguayo's family and the funeral will be held in Guadalajara.


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