Ring Of Honor 13th Anniversary PPV Results: Samoa Joe Appears, ROH World Title Match

Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly welcome us to the broadcast and introduce the Spanish announce team. Not the Maximo brothers.

Cedric Alexander vs. Matt Sydal

The two lock up and reach a stale mate. Sydal high fives Alexander and smiles, but Cedric isn't happy about that. A headscissors and huracanrana knock Alexander to the outside where he eats a suicide dropkick, and the double knees from the apron.

Back in the ring, Sydal kicks at Alexander's leg and applies a half-crab. Alexander breaks out and hits a huge dropkick. Sydal is being happy-go-lucky while Alexander is being serious. Sydal fights back with big kicks, but almost gets pinned after getting rolled up setting up for a standing moonsault. After Sydal kicks out, he lands it anyway.

Alexander gets a short powerbomb for two, but Sydal comes right back with a nice Here It Is Driver. It doesn't get the job done and Alexander makes the crowd explode with a Lumbar Check. He can't retain the advantage for long as Sydal hits double knees and a Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal via pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

That was an excellent opening match. Hard to believe Sydal took almost two years off.

Moose (w/ Veda Scott & Stokely Hathaway) vs. Mark Briscoe

Briscoe comes out aggressive, but gets the worst of a double clothesline. Briscoe is on the top rope and the 300 pound Moose dropkicks him off of it to the outside! Wow! Moose swings Briscoe into the rail before bringing him back inside for a big headbutt.

Moose goes outside and catches Briscoe coming over the top, and fallaway slams him into the ring barrier. Moose is dominating, and hits a pop-up clothesline that gets a two count. Briscoe finally fights back with a dropkick and flips outside on to Moose. He follows up with a big Cactus Jack elbow drop to the floor.

Back inside Briscoe misses a top rope attack, and lands on his feet after a back body drop attempt. Moose clobbers Briscoe with a spear for the win. Briscoe wants to shake Moose's hand. Moose wants to, but Veda Scott won't let him.

Winner: Moose via pinfall (Spear)

I'd imagine WWE is going to come calling for Moose sooner rather than later.

The Addiction (Kaz & Christopher Daniels) vs. Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. The Bullet Club (Karl Anderson)

Anderson doesn't have a partner and says he's just going to fight everyone since DOC couldn't make it. As the match starts, both members of Kingdom are tossed from the ring. After a quick series, Anderson tags Bennett, who gets double teamed by Addiction.

Taven reverses momentum with a big dropkick to the face of Daniels, and he follows up with a flipping neckbreaker. Anderson blind tags himself and drops several knees to Daniels. He also hits a flying knee to Taven's face outside, but Daniels scores a big springboard moonsault.

Kingdom tries to land a couple of dives, but Addiction catches Bennett and drives him into Taven, which gets a two count. Taven and Bennett go behind the refs back and pull off some dirty tactics, but it can't finish off Daniels. A spinebuster and Lionsault on Daniels also only get a two count.

Anderson tags himself in and connects with a gigantic dropkick to Taven, but came up empty on the Gun Stun. All hell breaks loose as Kaz steps in and hits a leg sweep on Bennett, and gets a combination pin broken up.

Daniels with a Crash and Burn outside, and Kaz hit's Anderson's own Gun Stun on him inside for a two count. Anderson comes back and hits a swivel Gun Stun on Kaz, but Kingdom break up the pin and drop Kaz with a Twist of Fate/Swanton for two.

Everyone is down in the ring after a big series of clotheslines. A Gun Stun to Daniels for Anderson, but he walks right into a superkick and a spike piledriver get the win for Kingdom.

Winners: Kingdom via pinfall (spike piledriver)

Good booking, Anderson was a man down.

BJ Whitmer (w/ Decade) vs. Roderick Strong

The two brawl to start out until Whitmer hits a spinebuster for two. Whitmer with chops, a suplex and a side backbreaker that only gets two. These two are slowing down the pace from the previous matches.

Strong and Whitmer get into a slap battle but Whitmer drops him with a big punch and follows up with a back suplex. Whitmer goes up top and Strong blasts him with an Enziguri, and capitalizes with a superplex.

A series of reversals end in a big dropkick from Strong. An Olympic Slam to Whitmer gets a two count. Whitmer comes back with a 3 Handled Credenza and a fisherman's suplex, but he can't put strong away with it. Strong dropkicks Adam Page outside and hits a Sick Kick, but Whitmer kicks out. Strong finishes him off with big knees and a Strong Breaker.

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall (Strong Breaker)

Those two slowed things down, but it wasn't bad. Whitmer has a huge smile on his face for some reason.

Pink Furry Title Of Love Championship
Maria (c) (w/ Michael Bennett) vs. ODB (w/ Mark Briscoe)

Maria gets on the mic and says she can't wrestle because she's pregnant. It's a fake out as Bennett superkicks Briscoe and she hits ODB with the belt. Bennett tries to interfere and Briscoe takes him out. ODB fallaway slams Maria into the barricade on the outside and then umm....chest chops her. Leaving Maria with some bad mammaries.

ODB only gets two on a pin attempt, but Maria is struggling. Maria hits a superkick out of nowhere, but only gets two. She holds ODB and Bennett goes to superkick her but hits Maria....and she kicks out. This match has jumped the shark.

ODB body presses Maria to the outside on to Bennett, then does a top rope dive onto the heels. All four are brawling on the apron and Bennett accidentally tackles Maria. Briscoe and ODB hit a Doomsday Device on Bennett to the floor. ODB hits the BAM for the pin.

Winner: ODB via pinfall (BAM) to win the Furry Pink Title of Love.

ODB and Briscoe rip the pink fur off of the belt.

AJ Styles vs. ACH

A big chain of reversals almost results in an early Styles Clash, but ACH escapes and applies a headlock before landing a big dropkick. The two go back to a set of reversals until AJ Styles destroys ACH with a dropkick.

ACH tosses Styles to the floor, but Styles hits the second rope to prevent the big dive to the floor. A brief exchange ends in a swinging Flatliner by ACH for two. Styles comes back with a big neckbreaker over his knee, but gets knocked off the top rope to the outside.

ACH hits a breathtaking Fosbury Flop to the outside, and both men are down. Back inside ACH hits an unusual looking spear pin, but Styles kicks out. He tries to follow up with a Big Bang Attack, but Styles won't die.

ACH tries to hit an apron kick, but Styles grabs his leg and slams ACH to the floor. Back inside, Styles comes off the top rope with a big forearm and suplexes ACH into the corner. The two battle in the corner, but ACH hits a huge double stomp. He misses the 450 and Styles locks on the Calf Killer! ACH rolls him up, but Styles hits Bloody Sunday and the Clash! It's over!

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (Styles Clash)

ACH is emotional after the match, and the two embrace.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
ReDRagon (c) (w/ Shayna Baszler) vs. Young Bucks/Bullet Club

The two teams trade dirty tactics early and often to start the match, which leads to all four brawling. A double team neckbreaker and headscissors dropkick put the Bucks up. A couple of dive to the outside help matters for the Young Bucks, too.

UFC fighter Shayna Baszler shows up and distracts the Bucks, allowing ReDRagon to get the advantage. They work over Nick Jackson, and knock Matt Jackson off the apron. Nick Jackson is victim to a big backbreaker/kneedrop combo for a two count.

Nick Jackson battles back with a spin kick but crawls to the wrong corner. He rolls through and makes the hot tag to Matt anyway, who cleans house. Superkick #1 to Fish on the outside, followed by a big moonsault.

Kyle has Matt Jackson in a rope hung armbar, but Nick sails over the top with a dive on Fish. Nick then hits superkick #2, and they land an assisted Swanton Bomb for two.

The action goes back outside as a Superkick #3/sunset flip bomb combo kills ReDRagon. After several kicks and knees, Fish is still only down for a two count. Fish gets up and comes back with a Samoan drop.

O'Reilly hits a belly-to-belly, and catches Nick in a triangle choke. He transitions to an armbar as Fish lands a headbutt. Both teams keep breaking up pins and submissions with top rope moves and the crowd is going nuts. Superkicks #4 & #5 drop Fish, and O'Reilly is left with Nick, who brings on Superkick #6.

Spike Tombstone to the floor from the Bucks takes out Kyle O'Reilly, and they hit Chasing the Dragon on Fish, who kicks out. The crowd is upset at Fish for even kicking out. More Bang For Your Buck almost gets three, but Baszler pulls the ref out.

The Bucks chase down Baszler, but Kyle comes out of nowhere and takes them out. A big tornado DDT sets up a top rope Falcon Arrow from Fish. Chasing the Dragon doesn't get the pin as Matt Jackson pulls the ref out! ReDRagon keeps the advantage with a DDT/wheelbarrow suplex keeps the advantage, followed by Chasing the Dragon for the 3 count.

Winners: ReDRagon via pinfall (Chasing the Dragon) to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships

What a crazy match. Nice cameo by Shayna Baszler.

ROH World Television Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini & J Diesel) vs. Alberto El Patron

Right out of the gate, Alberto superkicks Diesel, and then knocks Lethal out of the ring. He follows up with a suicide dive and tosses Lethal head first into the guard rail.

Back in the ring, Alberto hits a flying double axe handle, but gets crotched on the top rope. Lethal capitalizes and starts to choke Alberto. Lethal is clubbing away until Patron pulls a rope-hung armbar out of nowhere.

Martini and Diesel grab Alberto's foot, allowing him to get superplexed to the mat for a two count. The masked KRD guys are back at ringside as Patron hits a reverse superlex. A lungblower sets Lethal up, but then he locks on Alberto's own armbar! AEP stacks Lethal up and shakes himself loose as Lethal knocks him outside and hits three suicide dives.

Alberto makes it back in by the 20 count and Lethal gets caught up in the tree of woe. Del Rio comes off the top with double stomps that destroy Lethal. Jay is resilient, however, and comes back with a Lethal Combination for a two count.

Alberto slugs Lethal, but Martini interferes and gets caught in an amrbar. Lethal comes off the top rope and gets caught in one of his own, but clocks Alberto with the book of Truth. Patron kicks out! Martini blasts him again, and Jay Lethal retains with Lethal Injection. Fantastic match.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH World Television Title

Lethal, along with Brock Lesnar and Pentagon Jr, are the best booked talents on American TV.

- Samoa Joe is here!! The crowd goes nuts for him as he's covered in streamers. Joe says no matter who wins tonight, he's coming for them and the ROH title.

ROH World Championship
Jay Briscoe (c) vs. Hanson vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Michael Elgin

Everyone goes after Jay, but he fights back, and it's quickly just he and Ciampa. A big neckbreaker to Ciampa brings Hanson in, who gets clotheslined right back outside. Briscoe goes for a table, which is buried in streamers underneath the ring.

Back inside the ring Elgin kicks Ciampa and hits his somersault legdrop. He has Ciampa up for a vertical suplex and gets kicked by Jay, but he just hoists Ciampa back up, then slams both men. Elgin takes out everyone with big knee attacks, but only gets two when he tries to pin Hanson.

Jay tries to hit a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside on Elgin, but can't do it. Instead, Ciampa knees him in the face. Hanson comes back and clubs Ciampa and Jay repeatedly in the corner before smashing everyone.

Hanson misses a Spin Kick of Doom and Jay plants him with a DVD into the corner where Ciampa sits. He has another DVD for Elgin but only gets a two count.

Ciampa re-enters the fray with White Noise to Briscoe off the top rope, who kicks out at two. Elgin hoists up Ciampa for a reverse splash mountain bomb onto Hanson, but can't get the pin. Elgin then hits Ciampa with a sick Razor's Edge into the barricade. Then Hanson flies out with a flip to the outside! Wow!

A ref bump leaves anarchy, and Hanson hits a Steiner Screwdriver. There's no ref, and the masked men come in, landing Kingdom's finishers. Ray Rowe comes back and chases off the KRD.

Elgin grabs Briscoe and hits a Jay Driller from the apron through a table. Briscoe looked like he landed terribly. Elgin grabs a steel chair, chokes Hanson with it and goes to hit a conchairto on Briscoe, but Nigel McGuinness stops it. Elgin goes to attack Nigel, but Ciampa saves him. Ciampa blasts Elgin with a chair, but there's no ref to count.

Hanson is tossed from the top rope to the outside, and Elgin and Briscoe remain as a new ref shows up. Ciampa almost gets a three count on Elgin with a powerbomb lungblower, but Briscoe breaks it up. Briscoe eats the same move for two.

Hanson pops back in, hits a Spin Kick of Doom on Briscoe and is pulled out by Elgin. Briscoe falls right on Ciampa and wins!

Winner: Jay Briscoe via pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship

Samoa Joe comes out and looks at Elgin in the entrance way. He hands Briscoe the title and shakes his hand as they get face to face.