Ring Of Honor TV Results (3/15): Samoa Joe Lays Down ROH Title Challenge, Kingdom Vs. Young Bucks

ACH & Matt Sydal vs. The Addiction (Kaz & Christopher Daniels)

Sydal and Kaz start out with some mat wrestling, trading holds and reversals before getting cut off and attacked by Addiction. They work Sydal over until ACH gets an early hot tag and cleans house.


Daniels turns the tides by hitting a beautiful moonsault on ACH & Sydal to the outside of the ring. ACH is rolled back in to a waiting Kaz as we go to our first commercial break.

As we come back, ACH is still getting worked over in the corner. He finally makes a hot tag to Sydal, who plants Kaz with a DDT and Daniels with a neckbreaker at the same time. The Addiction answers quickly, as Daniels legdrops the back of Sydal's head for a two count.

Daniels misses a BME and eats a double foot stop from ACH, but Kaz breaks up the pinfall. ACH scores with an amazing Fosbury Flop on to Daniels. Sydal goes for a Shooting Star Press, but a member of KRD shows up and hits Sydal with a chair. Addiction finish him off for the pin.


Winner: The Addiction via pinfall

The two teams shake hands after the match

- Jay Briscoe is shown with both the ROH World Title and his customized championship. He thanks ODB for bringing it back to him and says he hasn't been beaten in over two years. He calls himself the baddest man in wrestling.

Samoa Joe comes out and says he takes exception to Briscoe claiming that he's the baddest man in wrestling. He shows Briscoe respect, but challenges him to a match at Supercard of Honor. The two shake hands.

The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven w/ Maria) vs. The Young Bucks

Bucks come right out of the gate with double team moves on Kindgom as the fans go crazy. Matt Jackson flies to the outside with a big moonsault on Kingdom, but has his superkick avoided.

Shortly after, Kingdom takes the advantage and work over Matt Jackson. The heels keep cutting off Matt from making the hot tag to Nick as we go to a commercial break.

Back from commercial Nick gets the hot tag, and both teams go nuts with dives to the outside. Taven eats knees on a splash attempt, which allows the Bucks to utilize double team moves. Maria distracts the Bucks, and Bennett lands Twist of Fate while Taven scores with a Swanton Bomb for a two count.


Bennett lands a superkick, who accidentally hits Taven, and then eats one of his own from Matt Jackson. Taven falls victim to a moonsault-senton combo, but kicks out. His luck doesn't change, however, as he gets superkicked back on the feet.

Three big superkicks lead into a turnbuckle bomb by Matt Jackson to Matt Taven. Nick comes off the top with a senton, but only gets two. Three more superkicks and an Indytaker look like it finishes the match, but KRD show up and pull the ref out. Kingdom hits a spike piledriver on Nick for the win.

Winners: The Kingdom via pinfall (spike piledriver)

Kingdom get a tag title shot at Supercard of Honor, and it was revealed that Jimmy Jacobs will get an ROH Title shot against Briscoe next week.