Roman Reigns And John Cena Team Up After Sting's Post-RAW WWE Network Interview

- After Sting wrapped up his WWE Network interview following RAW in Des Moines, Iowa tonight, John Cena and Roman Reigns teamed up to defeat Seth Rollins and WWE United States Champion Rusev.

Our correspondent Quinn Newton reports that Cena and Rusev started the match but Rusev stalled by rolling out of the ring three times. After the third time, Cena attacked Rusev on the floor but Rusev gained control and threw Cena back in the ring. Rollins came in to beat Cena down and keep control. Rusev came back in and ate a dropkick but kept Cena down. Rusev put Cena in The Accolade but he powered out and rammed Rusev into the corner.


Reigns and Rollins tagged in at the same time and Reigns exploded with offense. Reigns kept control but got super kicked by Rusev. Cena came in and hit the Attitude Adjustment on Rusev. Rollins went for a Curb Stomp on Cena but missed and got speared by Reigns to end the match. Cena and Reigns then celebrated to send fans home happy.