Ronda Rousey made history at Saturday night. Don't leave the page. This isn't an article from UFC 175, when she had the fastest stoppage in female UFC history. It isn't from UFC 170, when she participated in the first female all-Olympian fight in UFC history. It's not from UFC 157 or Strikeforce in Columbus. Ronda Rousey keeps making history and keeps being amazing.

Fourteen seconds is all it took for the undefeated Rousey to submit Cat Zingano. A wild flying knee from Zingano wound up in a scramble on the ground that allowed Rousey to lace up a straight armlock and get a tap out from her previously fellow unbeaten fighter. That was enough to secure the fastest submission in modern UFC history, and has Rousey clocked in at 30 seconds of cage time in her last two fights.

Rousey's opponents have to stay out of clinch range. Sara McMann, an Olympian, is the only competitor to escape a Rousey clinch, and she was TKO'd from that position seconds after. Zingano disobeyed that rule and was rewarded with a fight that could fit on an Instagram video. She violated every half-decent scouting report that has been built about Ronda Rousey and is put at the back of the line as a result.

Zingano will likely face Jessica Eye or Miesha Tate in her next bout, but the real question is Rousey's next opponent. UFC announcers made it seem like she had cleaned out her division, but there are still a few potential opponents. Holly Holm won, but wasn't dominant, and admittedly needs more fights and experience. However, Bethe Correia was in attendance at UFC 184, and mentioned by Rousey herself as a potential opponent. Rousey likely wouldn't have much of an issue beating her, but Correias rivalry with the "Four Horsewomen" is too much to avoid.

Cris Cyborg will keep being listed as a potential opponent, but until she proves she can make 135 pounds, the UFC won't risk booking her in a big money title fight, and rightfully so. As impressive as Cyborg looked against a near-.500 fighter Friday night, Rousey looked much more impressive Saturday night against an unbeaten and proven challenger.

Ronda Rousey is special. Her judo is so far above the level of anyone elses skill set in a particular discipline. Unfortunately for UFC women's bantamweights, she isn't resting on her laurels. She's rounding out her game and getting more dominant with each passing day.

Maybe Ronda Rousey can beat the Kentucky Wildcats.