Stardust's Post-SmackDown Rant Revealed, Alex Riley On Being Away From The Ring, WWE Divas Notes

- In the Fallout video above is the big post-SmackDown interview that Stardust has been hyping on social media. Stardust talks to Tom Phillips about the WWE Intercontinental Title Ladder Match at WrestleMania 31 and brought up the WWE Legends discussing the match on social media.

- In the video below, WWE Divas discuss Paige and AJ Lee vs. The Bella Twins at WrestleMania 31:

- WWE's website has a new interview with Alex Riley discussing his return to the ring on NXT. Riley said he stepped away from the ring two years ago because WWE officials wanted him to work a commentator role. He acknowledged having doubts about returning to the ring and was asked if he ever accepted that he may never wrestle again. Riley replied:

"It was never over in my mind. Although I had people in WWE and in very high-powered, prominent positions telling me I was never going to wrestle again. I heard things like, "if you have anything in common with Alex Riley, you should be worried." Honestly, hearing those things was more painful than I can put into words. But in my mind, I lived everyday like I was hours away from WrestleMania. That's how you know you love something. It's when there is zero chance of you ever getting to see it, touch it, do it again and you go on faith and never stop pursuing it."

- Eva Marie, Cameron and Lilian Garcia represented WWE at a Susan G. Komen event today in Orange County. Below is a photo of the Divas with a group of breast cancer survivors and Komen supporters:


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