TNA Impact Wrestling Results (3/13): Bloody Hair Vs. Hair Match, Bobby Roode Gets A Big Win, More

Welcome to's live coverage and results for TNA Impact Wrestling. Earlier today, TNA posted a notice that this week's episode will feature some graphic moments. For my part, I have it on good authority that, oh yes, there will be blood?


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The show opens with a recap of the feud between Bobby Roode and Eric Young and additional coming attractions. It's a safe bet that the Ethan Carter/Rockstar Spud match will be a showstopper tonight.

Last Man Standing Match: Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

Roode takes the fight to Young right off the bell and EY reels from the onslaught. Roode puts Young out of the ring with a dropkick and then goes outside to follow up. He bounces Young off the guardrail and then takes him back to the ring. EY turns it around and drives Roode's head into the ring apron and then nails him with double-stomp. Young continues to pepper Roode with shots and the fights him up the ramp. Roode roars back and takes Young down with a clothesline, shifting the momentum in his favor. Bobby gets a table from under the ring but EY shakes off the cobwebs and comes back to life in time for a commercial.


After the break, EY is still in control and he takes Roode outside, planting Bobby on the floor and garnering a five-count. Roode makes it back up but Roode puts him on the floor again and works him over on the steps. He tries for a piledriver and Roode counters. Both guys are on the floor as the count resumes.

They get back up and charge at each other with chairs. Both guys end up down again and the ref counts until each man makes it back into the ring. They slug it out some more and Roode gets a full head of steam but EY cuts it short, planting Roode on the canvas for another count. Roode makes it to his feet short of the 10 count and EY looks to end things with a chair. Roode absorbs some more punishment but works Young into a piledriver on to the chair to prompt another double-count. Roode is up first and tries for the Roode Bomb but EY escapes. They battle on the apron and Roode eventually works Young into a Roode Bomb off the ring and into the table below. Bobby is up first and he wins the match.

Result: Bobby Roode defeats Eric Young when EY can't answer the 10-count.

Drew Galloway is up next as the announce team mentions that he "took over" TNA's social media accounts earlier this week. On the mic, Drew says he appreciates the love from real fans of professional wrestling. He heads out of the ring and into the crowd to finish the promo. He says he's ready to finish his business with the BDC, prompting BDC members to hit the ramp. MVP isn't impressed and says the BDC will give him the beatdown of his life. He sends his cronies to the back so he can go one on one with the Drewster. Commercial sign.


Drew Galloway vs. MVP

The guys are already scrapping as the show resumes. Galloway is on top until MVP turns it around with some sneaky business. He works Galloway over on the ropes but Drew eventually returns to a vertical base and gets things in hand. After taking MVP down, Drew takes in accolades from the crowd and looks for the Future Shock DDT but the BDC storms the ring, prompting the DQ.

Result: Drew Galloway defeats MVP via pinfall.

A beatdown ensues and the Clan leaves Drew in ruins. Low-ki punctuates it by whacking him with a bar of some sort.

Backstage, Mickie James talks to Magnus about his feud with Bram. She wants to come with him to the ring for the fight but Magnus is against that idea.

Back from the break, EC3 cuts a promo saying tonight won't be Spud's night. Then we look back at the Bram/Magnus rivalry before heading down to the ring.

Magnus vs. Bram

Magnus charges the ring and the fight starts outside. Magnus doles out some serious shots to his former best mate. They make it to the ring for the official bell but then action spills outside again. Bram gets checked into the steps but he comes back and they battle in the ring. Bram gets on top of things, slamming the back of Magnus' head into the mat again and again. Then he drives Magnus' neck into the ring apron and puts his shoulder into the post. He follows up with a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring but Magnus somehow stays in it and lands a series of punches before going down again. Magnus mounts a comeback out of the corner with a drop kick but both guys end up on their backs as Mickie comes out to cheer on her man. Both men end up exchanging punches until Magnus clocks Bram with a couple of forearms. He goes up top for a big elbow and then sets up Bram for a finisher but Bram counters with a low blow, earning a DQ.


Result: Magnus defeats Bram via DQ.

After the bell, Bram works over Magnus with a chair as Mickie reacts with horror. Bram goes outside and fetches a metal weapon. He ties Mgnus to the rope with a zip-tie. Mickie jumps in to protect Magnus and Bram grabs her by the hair. He takes a mic and says he'll let her go if Magnus kisses his boot. Magnus reluctantly obliges. Bram laughs and tosses Mickie to her man as he strolls off laughing.

The BDC cuts a big ol' promo backstage and then we go back to the ring area for DJ Z. he brings in the BroMans and Angelina Love and then Brooke Tessmacher hits the ramp.

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Robbie E

Robbie tosses Brooke around and takes a break in the corner with Angelina and Jessie. He gets Brooke to do a test of strength and overpowers her. She counters with a headlock and then gets the jump on him after hitting the ropes. Angelia takes a shot at Brooke while the ref is distracted and Robbie lands a suplex on his ex. He goes up top for a splash and misses. After more shenanigans, including a spot in which Jessie hits a dropkick on Robbie by accident, Brooke covers with a jackknife cover and gets the three-count.

Result: Brooke Tessmacher defeats Robbie E via pinfall.


Hair vs. Hair Match: Rockstar Spud vs. EC3

Spud lays into EC3 right away. They end up outside and Spud is possessed, biting EC3 and putting him on the floor. Back in the ring, Carter gets his bearings and fights back but Spud fires back with some hard and fast shots. Carter puts a stop to it with a clothesline and TNA pauses for a break.

EC3 has Spud on the ropes, clawing at his face when the show resumes. EC3 goes out to the floor and Spud takes to the air, nailing his opponent with huge senton. EC3 gets back in and talks with the ref as Tyrus comes out and takes apart Spud on the sly. EC3 covers but Spud kicks out. Anderson flies out and fights with Tyrus, taking him out with a mic check on the floor. EC3 busts open Spud with a hard shot from his brace. The announce team mulls over the possibility of the ref calling this one due to Spud's head gash.

Spud is wearing the crimson mask at this point. EC3 taunts Borash and when the ref isn't looking, JB sneaks in for a low blow. EC3 is on his back and Spud covers but can't get the count. TNA starts toggling the video from color to black and white due to all the blood. Spud comes back big time with a flurry of forearms and a shining wizard. He hits an enzugiri and gets fired up on the ropes but EC3 hits him again with the brace and covers for a near-fall. Carter stands over Spud and Spud claws at him trying to stand up but EC3 finally puts him away with a finisher.


Result: EC3 defeats Rockstar Spud via pinfall.

After the match, Carter says that Spud has proven himself and that he won't shave Spud's head. He offers his hand and then holds Spud's hand up in victory. He then ambushes Spud on the way out of the ring and yells "Time to pay!" He shaves Spuds head as the li'l guy is tied to the Tree of Woe. The show fades to black as Carter heads to the back.

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