TNA Impact Wrestling Results (3/20): New TNA Champion Crowned, X-Division Title Changes Hands

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Tonight's show gets rolling with some scintillating coming attractions and Josh Matthews breaks it all down. An Ultimate X match is the first item on the agenda!


Ultimate X Match for the Tag Titles: The Wolves vs. The BroMans vs. Manik & Sanada

Recapping Robbie E's fed with Brooke, we learn that Robbie has bailed on the tag match tonight, so DJ Z and Godderz will go after the belts.

The Wolves get the jump early as members of BroMans and The Revolution go flying. They thwart Godderz from making an early trip up the scaffolding. The Wolves take in accolades from the crowd and Angelina sneaks on to the apron for a distraction. DJ Z can't capitalize as they send him over the top rope and on to the guys at ringside. The Wolves make a play for the belts and Jessie stops Edwards by yanking him on to the canvas. Manik gets back into the fray and strikes a temporary alliance with Godderz against Davey and Eddie. All of the heels end up taking aim at the Wolves. BroMans end up in the ring alone and DJ Z and Godderz can't figure out how to grab the gold. They end up in a big chicken fight with The Revolution and The Wolves come off the top from opposing corners to land twin dropkicks. Chaos ensues as different guys go for the titles via the scaffolding. Sanada and Godderz duke it out on one tower and Jessie gets dropped. Edwards grabs at Sanada and brings him back to earth hard. Manik holds back Davey and Eddie grabs the wire but ends up taking down Sanada with a hurricanrana. Both Wolves go for the belts from opposing sides and grab the titles simultaneously for an epic finish.


Result: The Wolves grab the belts and win the tag titles.

After a break, we get a glimpse of Kurt Angle preparing for his big match. Then we go back to the ring for more action. Austin Aries comes out and calls out the B.D.C. for stealing his Feast or Fired briefcase. They bring the case out and Low-ki doesn't seem inclined to give it back easily. Joe takes cheap shot at A-Double and then Low-ki says that if Aries wants the case back, he'll have to go through Samoa Joe.

Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

Joe is already in control when the bell rings. He works Aries over in the corner and clobbers A-Double as he tries to get away. Aries eventually fries back but can't deliver a proper suplex on his formidable foil. Joe puts him outside and slams Austin's arm on the steps. They end up back in the ring and Aries fires back but Joe works him into a bear hug and a suplex. After some mat grappling they get back to a vertical base and Joe clobbers Aries with a big kick. After some more work on the mat, Joe loses momentum with a missed spot on the mat, giving Aries the chance to put together some offense. He hits a missile dropkick but can't deliver a brainbuster as Joe counters with a submission hold. Aries slips out again and gets all over Joe, knocking him off-kilter with a discus throw and then hitting him with a suicide dive outside. Back inside the ring, Low-ki gets involved as he looks to wallop Aries with the FoF case. He misses and hits Joe instead.


Result: Austin Aries defeats Samoa Joe via DQ.

Following the bell, Aries KO's Low-ki with his briefcase and Rockstar Spud flies down to ringside. He tells the ref he's cashing in his briefcase on Low-ki right freakin' now!

X-Division title match: Rockstar Spud vs. Low-ki

Still reeling from the shot by Aries, Low-ki can't put up any defense against the bandaged Brit. Spud gets the pinfall easily.

Result: Rockstar Spud defeats Low-ki via pinfall to win the X-Division title.

We see Lashley working out and then the show cuts to a big backstage brawl between Magnus and Bram. The fight spills out on to the ramp and into the ring and for some reason, the refs and security break it up. Mickie James comes in, seemingly to calm Magnus down but she goes at Bram next. The ref takes her off as Bram crawls up the ramp. Magnus gives chase and hits a powerbomb on the ramp.

Commercials roll and then it's time for Knockouts action.

Taryn Terrell vs. Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim

Kim and Terrell charge Kong off the bell and Kong gives it right back, stacking them both up in the corner and smashing them against the turnbuckles. She sets up Terrell for a slam and Kim delivers a dropkick to break it up but Kong is still the boss in this bout. She retains the upper hand for much of the match and at one point, Terrell comes off the top and runs right into to a massive clothseline. Kong puts Kim up for the implant buster and Gail counters out of it. Kong remains in the hunt, putting Gail on the floor. Terrell stages a comeback, nailing Kong with a cross-body and getting a near fall for her trouble. Kong misses with a big splash and Terrell hits a cutter but Gail breaks up the cover. Taryn puts Kong outside and Gail goes off the top on to Kong who is on the floor. Kim gets back in the ring and dukes it out with Taryn but Terrell manages a fast roll-up to keep the title.


Result: Taryn Terrell wins via pinfall, retaining the title.

Matt Hardy vs. Lance Storm

They meet on the ramp and get right to it. This is a no-DQ bout. Hardy puts Storm down and then goes under the ring to pull out weapons. He comes up with a trash can and some chairs. Storm comes at Hardy, stopping him from using any of the stuff. After some back and forth, Hardy nails Storm with a trash can lid. Sanada tries to come in and Matt knocks him down with a forearm. Storm puts Matt down on the turnbuckle and sets up some chairs, landing a superplex on to them. He signals Abyss to pull out some thumbtacks and then goes back to work on Hardy. Storm pours the thumbtacks on to the Matt and gets Hardy ready for another 'plex. Matt counters and pushes Storm on to the tacks instead. He puts Storm down a couple of more times for good measure and Abyss gets involved to stop the ensuing cover. A brawl follows in which Hardy takes on pretty much every guy from The Revolution. When he gets back inside, Storm strikes and tries to pin Hardy but Matt kicks out. Hardy hits a twist of fate and then both guys are laid out from the impact. Hardy gets up and takes a face full of mist from Sanada and a cowbell to the head from Storm. Three seconds later, the bell sounds to end this one.


Result: James Storm defeats Matt Hardy via pinfall.

After the bell, Storm tells Matt he can hang out with Jeff in the hospital now. Commercials roll and then the main event is upon us.

Kurt Angle vs. Lashley for the TNA heavyweight title

The guys circle to the ring and then engage in a little grappling. Lashley puts Angle down briefly and then the go at it again. Lashley covers Kurt but Angle kicks out quickly. He zeroes in on Lashley and delivers a cluster of German suplexes and then he cranks in an ankle lock. Lashley gets to the ropes and Angle puts him outside. Angle heads out, Lashley heads in, Angle follows and Lashley bails. They brawl outside for a spell.

Back inside, Lashley gets the upper hand. He stays on top with slow, grinding offense. Angle stays alive and they exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Angle catches him again with a flurry of Germans. A short time later, he follows up with a third batch. He cinches in another ankle lock and Lashley is able to fight out of it. He puts Kurt down with a power slam. Angle still won't stay down and after a commercial, Angle delivers an Angle slam. They battle back and forth and Lashley looks for a change to hit the spear. He powers into Angle and covers but Angle kicks out at two. Surprisingly, Lashley ascends to the top rope. Angle runs up and tries to block him but Lashley pushes the Olympian off. He jumps down towards Angle but comes up short. They roll around trying to get it together and Angle gets up first, aiming for a cross-body. Lashley dodges and applies an ankle lock until Angle grabs the rope for a break. Lashley tries to blindside Kurt and Angle ducks and then lands another Angle slam. Lashley keeps moving and locks in a submission hold on Angle's arm. Angle slips out for another ankle lock and lays down to crank it good. Taz calls Angle "subhuman" but he really means to say "superhuman." Angle keeps up the pressure, finally prompting Lashley to tap. It's all over.


Result: Kurt Angle defeats Lashley via submission.

Angle celebrates after the bell as the show fades to black.

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