Tommy Dreamer On Fans Illegally Streaming Events, Says He's Hired A Company To Go After Websites

- Tommy Dreamer wrote the following on his Facebook yesterday:

I have to post something that's been eating away at me since Houe of Hardcore 7. It was my 1st IPPV. It was my most successful showing of my brand of what I feel professional wrestling is all about. I couldn't have been happier with how the show came across. Most IPPVS have delays or lost feeds or audio problems. No negative feedback.

A fan told me about an illegal streaming server show MY IPPV. I actually contacted the site they said they are a Third party hosting site it is not illegal in their country China so go after the the Daily Motion YouTube and other sites that are showing it & to go F*CK off. Well that put me on a warpath. I know that some countries have no laws with regards to the internet. So if you live in those countries you have immunity from my rage. Anyway I kept on monitoring how many views of my show & it just got me madder & sadder everyday. So I took action . Hired a firm that goes after these people & here is the info. 1.I can do nothing to the actual people who onw the site. However I was able to get the site shut down.

Here is the bigger news those scumbags give up the people that ordered them. Email addresses & other info. They also sell that info. To other spam sites. The revenge news for me was most people would get a virus or expose their computer. Remember no laws so when that happens or they take your info you are F*CKED. The end of the day it was 66thousand illegal downloads if you do the math 66,000 X$15 equals $990,000.

That changes my life. That changes the landscape of the wrestling buisness. I have a huge long range plan for wrestlers & wrestling fans. With that money it happens and that was just on 1 torrent site. I understand economicallyat times its hard to come up w/ $15. One time I wanted to watch the Royal Rumble my dad said I ain't paying I got 4 of my friends they all kicked in $10 and we had a great time. For the people that support me.I love you so much. For the people that watched my show illegally thanks for the interest I'm honored that 66thousand of you did. I give you a pass.

I have hired a company to go after these people & sites & know they give you up. This company works for a cut so they are ruthless & send your info to other companies if they want to go after you on other movies or PPV events you may have illegally viewed. When you watch a movie or DVD plays & they have those piracy isn't a victimless crime advertisements and you think of those BIG companies like WWE UFC SONY Universal DONT CARE. Well I'm a wrestling fan I have always considered us family so here is a picture of victims who suffer for it. THanks for the support I love you guys. Looking forward to a great show on Saturday. Please share this & spread the word.