Total Divas Recap (3/8): Paige's New Beau, The Bellas Contemplate Life After WWE, Eva Marie's Woes

This two-hour extravaganza begins with a girls' night for Paige, Rosa and Alicia. They decided they're going to do bikini waxes tonight and Rosa stakes her claim first, showing that she has a "cat growing" down there. Those are her words, not mine, people.


After the intro, Paige gets a call from her guy friend, Bradley. She's not that into him. Cameron asks Paige if all she wants is a "f?k buddy." Seems like there's more to this story. We also get a look at how Natalya feels about her cats.

From Rosa's cat to Grumpy Cat, Natalya hangs out with the pop culure sensation backstage. Then we're in the ring for some Bella-related action. AJ is shown at ringside scoping out the competition for her title and then we rejoing the freshly-waxed Rosa on the road. She meets up with Alicia, Paige and Bradley and the ladies decide that Paige will share a room with her longtime pal. Bradley really, really wants to go out with Paige but she wants to spend time with Alicia and Rosa. They hang out at the pool until Bradley decides to turn in. Paige follows and Alicia tells her to use a condom.


The Bellas are hanging out and Nikki gets a pic from her brother that appears to show him in nothing but his birthday suit. She does what any sis would do and immediately shows it to everyone in the room.

Back at the beach, the Three Amigas and Bradley get some jet skis and hit the drink. Across the country in Arizona, Daniel Bryan laments that their cat poops too much in their garden. Cats of all kinds are everywhere on this episode. Daniel tells Brie that he's been working on a book about his life and then they recount that the first time they tried to have sex, two guys came in trying to get a look and Sheamus ended up petting Brie's head while she was naked. Then Brie talks about how her brother sent that embarrassing photo.

A little while later, Alicia, Rosa, and Paige meet a new guy friend at the beach and Paige introduces Bradley as her "friend with benefits." Their new acquaintance flirts with Paige and Bradley takes off.

After a break, Brie's brother comes over to help her decorate. Brie mentions that Nikki kinda, sorta shared his naked selfie with their cousins. He is understandably upset.

Bradley gets a little miffed that Paige is sending him mixed signals and confronts her but she shrugs it off. She tells him she's not looking for a commitment he gives her an ultimatum and she tells Bradley to hit the proverbial bricks.


Nikki struggles to understand why JJ is upset with her for sharing his naughty photo and when the sisters go to visit him, he isn't sure about letting them in. Eventually, though, he allows the ladies?and a whole camera crew from E!?into his living room to talk about his gaffe.

Back at the beach house, Paige explains to Alicia and Foxy how she totally told of Bradley. Then she gets upset and they console her. She tells them that she's been hurt before and doesn't want to get used by another guy. After further discussion, she goes after him and they talk it out. She apologizes for being so tough, he says he's sorry for coming on too strong and then they hug it out.

Paige looks at Instagram and sees a love note that Nikki posted for John Cena and after some of the Divas have a laugh, Nikki catches wind of the situation and appears mortified. Nikki explains that it's her valentine to John and that while there's nothing sexual on it, it's just too personal to share. Then the ladies read it out loud and have a laugh at her expense. Nikki suspects that it's the work of JJ. Brie admits that she did it to show Nikki how JJ felt.

After a short break, we head into the season finale?

The Three Amigas head out from their hotel and Eva Marie, Cameron, and Nattie connect backstage. Nattie confirms that Tyson is totally "hitting it" again and then she tells Eva that she has a nice ass. Really, that happened.


The Bellas get new contracts from Mark Caranno and we cut to Eva Marie's somewhere else. Remember, Eva's husband is also her manager. That's an important detail. The Bellas have lunch with a pregnant friend and Brie catches baby fever in a big way.

Paige asks Bradley if he wants to move in with her and he hesitates, so E! rolls a commercial to give him time to think.

After the break, Bradley says he's not opposed to moving in together but he wants Paige to meet his mom first. She's cool with that.

Daniel and Brie hang out and Brie expresses concerns about the possibility that her work in wrestling might conflict with motherhood. At Eva's photo shoot, Jonathan is calling the shots and she seems to be getting a bit perturbed with that. He snaps at her in front of the crew and she gets upset.

Paige greets Bradley's mom and sister by jumping into their arms one at a time. Bradley seems a little reluctant to tell his mom what's going on with Paige. Elsewhere, Nikki meets John Cena at a restaurant and shows off what she describes as "side boob action." She laments that WWE is cramping her style and she's ready to break out into other areas of her career so he counsels her a bit.

At another photo shoot, Mark Carrano calls Eva and gives her grief about some unauthorized photos that were posted to her Instagram account. He instructs her to clear all of this stuff through WWE legal from now on. She tries to have a word with her husband and he flips on her a little and then says they're going ahead with the shoot. Let's hope Mr. Caranno doesn't have basic cable, otherwise he'll be on to them?


Things get bad while Paige is out with Bradley and the fam as Bradley's sister mentions that he's been married once before. Paige gets in Bradley's grill later on and he says he might not be ready to move in together yet. Their discussion gets heated and he rips his mic off and storms out. They talk outside and Paige tells Bradley that he's scared her off a little.

We revisit that time Nikki won the Divas' title and check out the ladies celebrating backstage. Nikki and Brie talk about the moment when Brie kissed AJ and Nikki says that it caused a lot of "boners." That's really what she says. Then they debate the meaning of the term "incest." Again, that actually happened. And at some point after that topic is abandoned, Brie remembers that she wants to be a mom.

Eva and Jonathan talk about Jonathan's work as a manager and she says that maybe he should step away from that role for a while. A giant fight ensues and after both people say regrettable things to one another, Jonathan walks out.

The Bellas sit down with Mark Carrano to discuss their contracts. Brie says she's thinking about starting a family and Nikki says she's starting to think about branching out. Carrano asks if they're really prepared to say that they might not be WWE Divas someday and Nikki says yes. Things look a little dicey as this season comes to a close.