WrestleMania 31 Weather Update, Incoming WWE Creative Writer Works Farewell Matches, The Rock

- In an update on WrestleMania 31 weather, forecasts for WrestleMania Sunday are now available and The Weather Channel is calling for a high of 79, a low of 54, partly cloudy and a 0% chance of rain.

- Ring of Honor veteran Jimmy Jacobs worked indie events for AIW in Ohio and AAW in Illinois this weekend. He wrestled in farewell matches and gave a farewell speech after Friday's AIW event in Cleveland. As noted, Jacobs is heading to WWE for a job with the creative team, likely starting with NXT.


- The Rock has done a lot of media for Fast 7 this past week and one of the hot topics with non-wrestling media was his Rock Bottom to actor Jason Statham in a fight scene. Rock tweeted the following on the scene today: