WWE Live Event Results From Seattle (3/14): Daniel Bryan Homecoming, Big Pop For Roman Reigns, More

- Thanks to Joni Castalano for the following WWE live event results from Saturday's show in Seattle, Washington:

* We got to vote on Twitter for tonight's Divas match – Natalya vs. Summer Rae or Natalya and Emma vs. Summer and Sasha Banks.


* There was good buzz in the air before the matches began and the arena was packed. Tony Chimel was on the mic.

* Erick Rowan beat Fandango with Rosa Mendes.

* Sin Cara and Kalisto beat Bo Dallas and Tyler Breeze, who got a better pop than Bo it seemed. Bo cut a promo before the match and we got a "NXT" chant after the bell.

* Emma and Natalya beat Summer Rae and NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks, who also got a good reaction for a NXT star. Natalya was over more than any of the other Divas and got the win for her team by making Summer tap out.

* R-Truth beat Luke Harper. Truth had a bag with the Intercontinental Championship in it but Bad News Barrett ran down and took it during the match.

* Roman Reigns beat Big Show with a spear. Reigns came out to a huge pop before the match and made a pretty good comeback. He definitely was over big time.



* Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods beat The Ascension.

* Dean Ambrose beat Bad News Barrett by DQ with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. Barrett cut a promo before the match about how the IC Title is his no matter what. The match ended when Barrett used the belt to drop Ambrose. After the match, Barrett charged but Ambrose countered and hit Dirty Deeds to a big pop. Luke Harper came out and hit a cheap shot on Ambrose before leaving with the belt. Harper runs into R-Truth, who lays him out and leaves with the title.

* Daniel Bryan beat Kane in a Seattle Street Fight. As you can imagine Bryan came out to a massive pop. There were "yes!" chants and the place was shaking before he even came out. They used kendo sticks, a chair and Bryan got chokeslammed through a table. Bryan bounced back from that and hit the running knee for the win. Another huge reaction. Bryan cut a promo after the match about being home. Bryan talked about how his career has changed since he was last here in 2013. He said he had two words for us and we did "suck it!" but that wasn't it. Bryan said "thank you" and said he would be wearing Seahawks colored gear the next time we saw him wrestle in Seattle. Bryan celebrated some more and the show ended with more chants.