WWE NXT Results (3/11): Alex Riley In Action, Alexa Bliss Returns, New Tag Title Contenders

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Opening packages roll and then we get right into it. Looks like the main attraction tonight will be Alex Riley vs. CJ Parker. Book it!


Enzo and Big Cass hit the ring with mics in hand and announce that they're on the road to grabbing the NXT tag titles. First order of business: A bout with the Lucha Dragons.

#1 Contenders' Match: Lucha Dragons vs. Enzo and Big Cass

Enzo has the crowd pulling for him as Kalisto tosses him and looks for some appreciation of his own. He gets some boos for his effort. Sin Cara tags in and goes to work, leveling Enzo with a big chop. Enzo gets the luchador into the corner and tags Cass. After a double-team, Cass covers for a near fall. Enzo comes back in and maintains control for a decent stretch. Kalisto makes it back in and gains control but he can't put Enzo away. Sin Cara takes a shot as well and Enzo ends up outside. Cass follows him for a pep talk and the Dragons hit them with a double dive. Back inside, the Dragons try for a double-team. Cass breaks it up, drags Enzo to the corner and then steps out just long enough to hit a blind tag. He clocks Kalisto, tags Enzo back in and drops him on to the luchador for the cover and three-count.


Result: Enzo and Big Cass defeat the Lucha Dragons via pinfall.

NXT runs video packages for Alex Riley and Kevin Owens and then we get back to in-ring action?

Carmella hits the ramp with a mic and introduces herself. She's taking on Alexa Bliss.

Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella

Carmella teases Alex a little before the fur starts a-flyin'. Bliss kicks out of a head scissors and both ladies return to a vertical base. Bliss gets Carmella down and cranks in an arm bar before turning it into a cover for a near fall. After some back and forth, Carmella chokes Bliss on the ropes and goes for a pinfall but Alexa kicks out. Carmella keeps the heat on but can't seal the deal. She follows Bliss around delivering kick after kick until Alexa fights back and finally puts Carmella away with her "Sparkle Splash."

Result: Alexa Bliss defeats Carmella via pinfall.

Alex Riley cuts a promo in the locker room and shoes some real fire. This angle could really take him places.

Alex Riley vs. CJ Parker

CJ Parker comes out and tries to make a statement but this is A-Ry's moment. He emerges to a big reaction and he's ready to rumble.

A-Ry walks to the middle as Parker hangs back. They lock up and Parker gets on top with some grappling. Riley makes it up and tries to put CJ on the ropes. Parker fires back but Riley starts to get control, requiring CJ to up his game. He works Riley over, putting him on the mat and then working him over on the ropes. Riley gets back into it by flipping Parker and then following with a monster clothesline. It's all Riley from there as he hits a neckbreaker and a blockbuster, earning the three-count.


Result: Alex Riley defeats CJ Parker via pinfall.

After the bell, Kevin Owens steps out and says he'll put an end to Riley's in-ring career and from there he's going to take care of Finn Balor.

Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze

Before they can lock up, breeze slips outside to get his bearings. Back inside? Well, he slides out again. Breeze comes back in and puts some decent offense together in the corner but Hideo catches him off the ropes. Breeze bails again and Itami makes contact outside with a big clothesline. He tries to go up top and Tyler knocks him from his perch, regaining control of the match. He dominates Itami, putting him down on the canvas for a slow grind of mat work.

Breeze tries to maintain the direction of things but Hideo overpowers him and comes back in a big way. Breeze fires back and levels Itami with a boot to the head. Tyler pulls him to the turnbuckle and tries to do more damage but Itami delivers a kick, disabling his opponent for long enough to tip the scales. The crowd calls for the GTS as Itami gets all over Breeze. He misses with a dropkick and Tyler counters, knocking Itami cold for the pinfall.

Result: Tyler Breeze defeats Hideo Itami via pinfall.

Tyler grabs his fluffy selfie stick and departs as the show fades to black.


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