WWE NXT Results (3/25); Finn Balor Vs. Kevin Owens, Women's Championship Match, More

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Recaps roll from last week's show, including A-Ry's big comeback?and his subsequent loss to Kevin Owens. Let's get down to ringside?

NXT Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

Banks jacks her jaw at Bliss as the bell sounds. The women get into it and Bliss takes down Sasha for a quick cover. They get back up and Bliss takes Banks down and covers again, two more times. Banks gets on top of things and stomps Bliss, taking a moment to curtsey for the crowd. She also hits Alexa with a double-knee to the gut. Banks stays in control for a decent haul until Bliss lands a reversal in the corner and then she put Banks out on the floor. Banks makes it back in but Bliss is on fire, nailing her with the Bliss Flip and trying for a cover, but it doesn't take. Bliss sticks Banks on the canvas again but only gets a near fall. She loses her cool momentarily and Sasha locks in with the Banks Statement, prompting a tap.

Result: Sasha Banks wins via submission and retains the title.

Backstage, Kevin Owens says he won't be intimidated by Balor's body paint. WWE also runs a retrospective package of the build up to tonight's main event.

More footage from the backstage area as Emma gets in Bayley's ear again, telling her that she's too nice. Bayley tries to break it down to Emma and the Aussie slaps her across the mouth and walks away.

Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze talk smack backstage and then we go to commercials.

Once the commercials subside, Finn Balor cuts a backstage promo saying he's ready for Kevin Owens. A pro-Balor package follows. Then we receive word that the main event is already upon us.

Enzo, Cass and Carmella are hanging out backstage and Blake and Murphy crash the scene and give Carmella a ritzy bracelet. Enzo and Cass are less than impressed. "You shoulda went to Jared's, bro." Classic.

NXT Championship Match: Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens bails quickly, before Balor can even make contact. He teases going up the ramp and then comes back in and locks up with his opponent. Balor puts him in the corner and breaks clean but Owens kicks him in the top and puts him on the mat for some grappling. Balor makes it up to a vertical base but Owens puts him right back down. Balor springs up and hits a dropkick as Owens bails again. Commercial sign.

After the break, Balor is on top, working on Kevin's shoulder. Owens powers up and thumps Balor but Finn works him back into the hold. Owens gets up again and puts Balor into the corner, peppering him with shots and chops. Finn comes back and tries to set up Owens for a suplex as the champ stands on the apron, but Owens strikes back by bouncing Balor's neck off the top rope. Owens comes back in to take control. He stays on top for a while, stepping on Balor's neck and then working him over on the canvas, looking for a submission.

Another break ensues and then we find Owens standing on Balor's gullet. He continues applying submission holds and then just says to hell with it and chucks Balor outside. Finn gets the jump on Owens out on the floor and they get back in. Balor tries for a cross-body off the ropes and Kevin catches him, slamming him down for a cover and a near fall. It's a slow grind from there as Owens grinds away at the challenger. Balor seems like he's out of it as Owens puts him down again and again but each time Finn kicks out. Owens locks in another submission hold but Finn won't tap. Break time.

Balor gets fired up again and nails Owens with a dive outside. He rolls the champ inside and goes up top, hitting Kevin on the mat and covering for a near fall. Balor looks to wrench in something and Owens slips out, only to be nailed with a Pele kick. Balor tries to end it a few more times but KO stays alive, taking out Balor with a shot to Finn's injured knee. Owens pulls Balor to the ring post and does some more damage over there. The ref asks Balor if he wants to stop the match but it's a no-go. Owens applies a half-crab and Balor makes it to the rope for a break. Owens brings him back in off the apron but Balor delivers a double foot-stomp and both men are down.

They get back up and battle in the corner. Balor lands an enzugiri and looks for a superplex but Owens counters and puts Balor down on the canvas. Surprisingly, Balor kicks out. They duel once again and Kevin lands a chop block to put Finn down. He hits Balor with a cannonball and then works Balor's knee, setting up a second cannonball. He tries to deliver a third and the challenger dodges. He goes up top to finish things and connects on the way down but he can't make the cover. Owens shuts it down with a pop-up powerbomb and the three-count.

Result: Kevin Owens defeats Finn Balor via pinfall.

Post-match, Kevin Owens celebrates and the show fades to black.

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