WWE SmackDown Results (3/26): Fatal Four Way, Big 8-Man Tag Match

Welcome to WrestlingINC.com's live coverage and results for SmackDown. In theory, this would be the "go home" show before this weekend's huge WrestleMania event. Huzzah!

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Up first is some kind of giant melee. Lots of intros?

Fatal 4-Way: Jimmy Uso vs. Big E vs. Cesaro vs. Fernando

The guys eventually pair off as Jimmy takes on Cesaro and Big E gets with Fernando. They don't stay broken up for long, though, as Big E picks up Cesaro and chucks him into Jimmy. Cesaro bulldogs his way back into the match and goes at Big E. Fernando takes down Jimmy Uso with a dropkick, stopping him from a suicide dive. Jimmy eventually hits it anyway and fires up the crowd. Big E stops him from going up top and then Cesaro returns to the fray. After a scrum, there's an interesting triple suplex on Fernando by the other three guys. A short time later, he nails Jimmy and Big E with a double DDT. You'll only see something like that during WrestleMania week, eh? Fernando dukes it out with Cesaro next but he falls victim to the big swing. Cesaro looks to set up Big E for something else and Fernando hits a backstabber. Jimmy ends up locking it up with a big splash on Cesaro for the three count.

Result: Jimmy Uso wins via pinfall.

After the break, we go "live" to WrestleMania Axxess and the we get some footage of Brock Lesnar talking on ESPN. Then, a Roman Reigns Package. Commercial sign.

WWE plugs the Network and then they show a retrospective of some of the best matches from back when the Intercontinental title mattered. Then again, it's a good sign that they're spotlighting it so much heading into this weekend's show.

A recap of the big Divas feud follows. Another break after that, and then we get a look at the Rusev/Cena rivalry.

Commercials roll and then we're back at the recap desk. They throw it to a Randy Orton/Seth Rollins highlight reel.

After that, we get an up-close and personal look at the build to Paige and AJ taking on the Bellas. AJ refers to the Bellas as "The Kardashians," which is kind of funny. Brock Lesnar's name is bandied about and not in a flattering way. After some jaw-jacking, the Bellas head down the ramp to tease a fight with Paige and AJ but then they retreat as Brie says, "See you b—–s at WrestleMania." If you're suffering from Total Divas withdrawal since the season finale, that was your fix. Let's watch some commercials.

WWE runs a great package on the Triple H and Sting match, featuring a lot of clips from their respective careers. Really good stuff there.

The Bray Wyatt and Undertaker rivalry is spotlighted next, featuring music by Johnny Cash. Byron talks after the fact about the moment that the lightning bolt hit Bray Wyatt's rocking chair. Renee reminds us that this will all be on the WWE Network.

Next up, a recap of?Wait! It's a match! A big one, too!

John Cena, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins, Big Show, Kane & Bray Wyatt

Not so fast, pilgrim. You have to watch more commercials first!

Roman Reigns starts against Rollins and after some dopping around, Rollins catches Roman in a headlock. Reigns puts Rollins down with a shot but Seth stomps him into the corner. Reigns responds in kind. Seth gets on top and tags in Bray who can't keep Roman under wraps. Reigns bounces Bray's neck off the top rope and whacks him on the apron, prompting Wyatt to scramble to his corner and hit Kane for the tag. Kane looks good at first but Reigns takes control in short order. Kane tags in Big Show and Henry persuades Reigns to let him in.

Show takes Henry down off the ropes, taunts him on the mat and then Bray Wyatt comes in to continue the damage. Rollins follows. Henry slows down Seth but can't tag out before Rollins brings Kane back in. Kane works Mark into his corner and tags Show back in. Henry tries to mount a comeback but Show levels him with a boot and then forces him on to the ropes. Commercial time.

After a break, We get Cena versus Wyatt. Bray tags out quickly and Show takes charge, slamming Cena to the mat. Kane is in next and he keeps it up. Cena fights for the tag but the Corporate One pushes him back to the heel corner. Rollins tags in and keeps the upper hand on Cena with the exception of a brief comeback. Bray tags in again and punishes Cena for a spell. Cena can't make it to the corner and Rollins returns to keep the pressure on. He locks in a sleeper but can't end the match. A pinfall attempt comes up short, too. Show returns to the fray to pick the bones but he misses with a drop, giving Cena another chance to get to the corner. Rollins tears in and Cena dumps him, bringing in Bryan. D-Bry gets all over Rollins, working him into the center of the ring for a flurry of kicks. Rollins slows him down and tags in Show who takes Reigns off the apron briefly. Roman flies back in with a Superman punch. He also thwarts attempts by Kane and Wyatt to stage ambushes. Cena hits the AA on Show and Bryan lands the running knee followed by a cover for the win.

Result: John Cena, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns win via pinfall.

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