WWE Superstars Results (3/21): Jack Swagger Gets A Win, Ascension Vs. Lucha Dragons

After some opening montage revelry, we check out a package summarizing the life and times of Andre the Giant, then head down to ringside for all the action.

Jack Swagger vs. Adam Rose

Swagger catches Rose after some circling but Adam breaks it up on the ropes. Rose capitalizes with some chops and then he's in control for the moment. Swagger fires back with a move off the ropes and some punches in the corner. Rose manages to dump Jack outside and nails him with a baseball slide off the apron. Back inside, Swagger comes back but Rose gets on top again, putting his opponent down with a move off the top. Jack responds by taking Adam down and then hitting a big slam. Rose bails to the outside and Jack knocks him down with a huge clothesline. They get back in the ring and Swagger applies the Patriot Lock, earning a quick submission.

Result: Jack Swagger defeats Adam Rose via submission

WWE re-racks footage from the Cena/Rusev feud and Mark Henry's segment with Roman Reigns from SmackDown. We also hear from Brock Lesnar on his big bout at WrestleMania. Then we get back to the new stuff.

Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension

Kalisto starts off against Viktor and the luchador is initially overpowered and into the corner before slipping out. Viktor tries to manhandle Kalisto again and Kalisto kicks out of it and puts his big opponent on to the mat. Konnor tags in and tries to keep pace but the Dragons end up putting both guys outside. After a break, we return to find Konnor slugging it out with Sin Cara. After some back and forth, Viktor and Kalisto are the legal men. Kalisto hits an SDS and tags Sin Cara who finishes things in short order.

Result: Lucha Dragons defeat the Ascension via pinfall.

The show closes with a look at the Hall of Fame for this year and a recap of the big Sting segment from Raw.