Edge And Chris Jericho Review WrestleMania, Talk Ladder Matches, Edge's Movie Career, More

Edge and Chris Jericho spoke on the Talk is Jericho podcast about WrestleMania this week, offering their thoughts on the show and several of the performers. The highlights are below:

* Edge and Chris Jericho said that Edge's head looks a lot bigger since he's had a hair cut. Edge notes that in wrestling, he wasn't considered that big physically but in acting, he's considered huge.

* Edge talks about his new film Interrogation, which is produced by WWE Studios. He says that they filmed the entire movie in just 15 days, which is why Lana wasn't off television that long.

* Edge said that he filmed three fight scenes in the last few days of filming. He noted that the fight scenes take a lot out of him. He said he accidentally soccer kicked a guy while doing a fight scene.

* Edge hears that Steven Segal works really stiff during his fight scenes

* Chris Jericho and Edge put over the WWE Network, and Edge said it made him start watching wrestling again. He would hear about good matches and be able to watch them whenever he wanted to.

* Jericho says it was one of the best WrestleMania events in a long time, and Edge agreed. Edge said it looked ok on paper, but delivered. Jericho says he often gets called a WWE shill for saying he enjoys WWE shows.

* Jericho said that Lance Storm told him the Reigns/Lesnar match was going to be good because it'd be a Samoan and Lesnar beating the crap out of each other.

* Edge said that Reigns had to prove he was tough, and he did it. He said that he had to do it himself with Mick Foley.

* Chris Jericho says that Roman Reigns is a good worker, regardless of what people think. Edge says he loved that Reigns smiled and laughed through the beating, and it was the perfect story that needed to be told for him right now.

* Edge says the finish was genius because it put over Reigns as a tough guy, Lesnar as a killer,a and furthered Rollins as a sleazy character.

* Edge said that he told Vince McMahon in 2005 that he should cash in when a babyface was at their weakest. He said he didn't expect to win, just make a babyface look strong. The next week he was told he was winning the WWE title. Jericho said that Edge was hesitant about being in the ladder match and Jericho told him to shut up because he was probably going to win it. Edge said he would have been okay with being left off WrestleMania because he didn't want to be a ladder match guy anymore.

* Edge says that he enjoyed the ladder match, but he was numb to it because there isn't a whole lot that there's left to do in one. They talk about how dangerous the Wade Barrett/Stardust superplex was. Edge talked about how he was feeling the ladder matches during his fight scenes.

* They talk about not liking the fact that WrestleMania isn't numbered anymore, saying Vince McMahon sounds old. Jericho did an impersonation of Vince where he said "Numbers....you're fired!"

* Edge and Jericho wanted Mizdow to win the Andre the Giant battle royal. Edge says no matter what WWE gives Sandow, he makes it work.

* Edge didn't see the Randy Orton/Seth Rollins RKO coming, and says it was one of the best. He says it was a great way to set Rollins up to cash in later in the night.

* Edge and Jericho speculate who should get the title shot, with them pointing out that three guys have claims for title matches that could stretch out nearly a year.

* They talk about how the daylight hindered the Undertaker/Bray Wyatt a little bit. Edge said Undertaker looked good and moved around really well, but thinks it could have been taken to a different level in the dark.

* Edge says there was talk of him ending the streak when he faced Undertaker and he replied with "hell no." He doesn't think the streak should have ever been broken.

* Jericho says that Wyatt carried the promo all on his own. Edge says it's a cool challenge to have a one-man program.

* Edge thought Triple H vs. Sting was good. He was impressed with Sting coming in with such a high profile match immediately and performing the way he did. He also liked the N.W.O and DX involvement.

* Jericho and Edge both didn't understand the logic in having Sting losing. Jericho thinks it was so WWE could have another victory over WCW.

* Jericho said that Sting's bald spot killed it for him. Edge told a story of Tommy Dreamer wearing hair paint.

* The two put over The Rock and says he personifies hustle. Edge said he didn't expect it at all.

* Jericho says that he doesn't follow MMA, but Ronda Rousey and the Four Horsewomen all look like tough chicks. They put over her ring presence. Jericho says it has money written all over it, but Edge says it depends on whether Dana White allows it or not.

* Jericho calls Stephanie McMahon one of the best characters on WWE roster.

* Jericho said that AJ Lee, Paige and the Bella Twins worked really hard. He thinks they have a rocket up their asses because of the girls that are on the NXT roster right now. Edge talks about how hard his wife, Beth Phoenix, worked to get on PPV's and thinks they have the same mentality.

* Jericho said that Lana and Rusev are a great act, and said she improv'd with him in December. Edge talked about how she worked with him on his new film, and said she was really in her element.

* Jericho and Edge joke that someone got paid to design Rusev and Jack Swagger's ugly t-shirts.

* Edge says that Rusev reminds him a lot of Umaga, and also notes that he was trained by Gangrel. He wanted to see Rusev remain undefeated and face Brock Lesnar eventually. Jericho suggests that they want two live event crews with one being headlined by the US Title, and the other headlined by the IC title.

* Edge thinks Reigns was hurt by a lot of the things he was told to say. He feels like Reigns may get a more fair opportunity moving forward because he proved he could take a beating. Jericho says that he'll be over more when he's allowed to be himself.

You can listen to the full episode of Talk if Jericho at this link.


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