Former NFL Player Takes Shot At CM Punk, Says He Wants To Fight Him

Former NFL player Shawne Merriman appeared on Fox Sports Live this week for a short interview, and was immediately asked about former WWE Champion CM Punk.

Punk and Merriman have had an on and off war of words for years, stemming from CM Punk outing Merriman for unsuccessfully trying to pick up WWE Divas when he saw them.


"I would do a lot of things to him. I wouldn't just want to beat him. I'd want to demolish him for the whole entire fight. I wouldn't want to pin him, wouldn't want to knock him out. I just want to make him feel pain for every round. I'm going for the kill shot every single time. I don't want to knock him out, I just want to make him feel punishment and pain the entire round," Merriman said.

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Merriman also elaborated on the situation in which started the beef.

"We have a little beef," Merriman said. "We had a little history. I was talking to a friend, Eve, who I met, who is a commentator/broadcaster for WWE. I said 'Hey, how you guys doing?' I saw her at the hotel we had a good conversation, she walked off and next thing I know, this guy goes out and puts on Twitter that I got dissed by one of the WWE women. This is coming from a guy who was wearing a small speedo/thong next to the pool."


Punk tweeted the following several years ago about the matter:

Source: Fox Sports Live

Jonathan Cabrera and Tweener contributed to this article.