Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Returning Soon?

Iamin recently interviewed former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali. The article stated the Khali was headed back to WWE and left for the U.S. earlier this week. We are trying to get confirmation on this, as the article also stated that Khali hasn't been in a WWE ring in two years, although it's actually only been six months.

During the interview, Khali also discussed leaving WWE.

"It's not that I had no offers from the WWE," Khali said. "I had voluntarily taken this break as I needed some time to establish the institute in Jalandhar. Now that the things are on track I decided to get back to the ring. I will be back soon with some more friends from US who will help me on my project to prepare WWE wrestling in India. We have trainees from all across the country. Also there are four girls apart from 30 boys who are being trained there. I wanted that girls get equal opportunity and so we have provided space for girls as well."

Khali also said that while he has been getting movie offers in India, he would "like to continue with the WWE for now." You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Iamin


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