Mick Foley - Roman Reigns, NWA Women's Champ Wins Shine Title, Perro Aguayo Jr., TNA - DISH Network

- In the episode of The Joe Cronin Show above, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley asks Cronin to lay off of Roman Reigns.

- Channel 2 news in Baltimore, MD visited the Maryland Championship Wrestling Training Center in Baltimore to discuss the recent death of Hijo del Perro Aguayo, which you can watch here.

- For this month, Destination America is airing free for all DISH Network subscribers. If you're a DISH Network subscriber, you can catch Impact Wrestling every Friday night all month long regardless of your subscription package.

- NWA World Women's Champion Santana Garrett defeated Shine Champion Mia Yim in the main event of SHINE 26 last night in a title vs. title match. The match can be viewed at wwnlive.com. Tonight, Santana defends the NWA title against La Rosa Negra whom she beat last week for the Ring Warriors Women's title. You can check out a photo of Santana with the NWA and SHINE belts below:

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