News On The Russian Chain Match At WWE Extreme Rules, Big Show On SmackDown, ECW Barely Legal

- Paul Heyman's Heyman Hustle posted the video seen above on the 18th anniversary of Barely Legal, ECW's first pay-per-view.

- WWE has announced that Big Show will be on this week's SmackDown to address his attack on Roman Reigns on tonight's RAW.

- Regarding the Russian Chain Match for the WWE United States Title between Rusev and John Cena at Extreme Rules, WWE's website wrote the following:

"Adding insult to injury, Lana then revealed that she had successfully negotiated the new terms of the previously announced match, which will see Rusev and Cena tethered at the wrist by a length of heavy-duty chain. Living up to Extreme Rules' reputation, both Superstars will be allowed to use the chain at their discretion, whether using it as a whip or to add weight to a punch, as Rusev demonstrated on Raw."


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