In today’s edition of The Lucha Report, Kris Zellner noted that this past Saturday, a mass was held for Perro Aguayo Jr. at Iglesia de Cristo Rey (Church of Christ the King) in Janitzio, Distrito Federal, Mexico. There were about 100 friends and family members in the church with thousands of fans outside. The service was led by Aguayo’s cousin, wrestler El Khan del Mal, and according to R de Rudo’s blog, among the other wrestling personalities in attendance were AAA President Marisela Peña, AAA Chief Operating Officer Joaquín Roldán, referee Rafael “El Maya” González, Cibernético, Toscano, Taya Valkyrie, Rocky Santana, Ludark, Douki, and Martha Villalobos.

According to a syndicated article from Notimex published at Esto’s website, Peña was one of the guests who spoke during the mass, reflecting on the loss in a pro wrestling context. Roughly translated, she told those gathered that Lucha Libre lost one of its greatest idols of the generation, while El Khan de Mal reflected on how difficult it has been for the Aguayo family to process the loss, much less at a time when Perrito’s career was seemingly reaching heights. Khan also singled out the support the family has received from Konnan (who was there) and Rey Mysterio as they’ve ben grieving. The mass closed with a few songs composed in Aguayo’s memory in the aftermath of his death.