Ric Flair Talks About Charlotte, UK Fans, And More; Maritimes Territory Promoter Profiled

- Ric Flair, who's coming to the UK next month for his first speaking tour, started his promotional campaign with a story in the Nottingham Post. According to the article, nothing is off limits for the question and answer section of the shows, not even his finances, his divorces, or the death of his son Reid two years ago. He told the Post that he's looking forward to it, especially since he'll be dealing with the always-passionate UK fans.

"It's an open forum. There's no agenda with The Nature Boy. I don't usually do Q&As over here so I'm looking forward to it. It's the first time I've come to the UK to do one. It's something I wanted to do, but there are a whole of lot of dollar signs needed to make it happen, so I'm pleased it is. UK fans are awesome. I've never seen a more respectful group. Number one, they understand the business and number two they respect it."

When asked about his involvement with the career of his daughter, NXT's Charlotte, he said he was hands off.

"She'd never even entertained the idea of wrestling until someone asked her why she wasn't doing it at the Hall of Fame ceremony in 2012. She was making a good living as a personal trainer but I knew she could be good. Wrestling is something we have to learn on our own. I don't get too involved as I wouldn't want to say something that goes against what her trainers tell her, even though I've got lots of opinion."

Check out the article for more quotes from Flair on various topics, including adjusting to a normal schedule and how he gets along with WWE's current top stars.

- The Chronicle Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia has has an article about Al Zinck, who promoted wrestling in the Maritimes for years back in the territory days. Unlike most territories, the promotions in the Maritimes didn't run year-round. Instead, they were only active during the Summer. Zinck isn't quoted much (though he is quoted as saying that "If it's phoney, why don't you go over to the gym and get in the ring with one of my guys" was his pet response to accusations of fakery) but it's a nice briefing on the basics about a territory that doesn't get much talk.


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