Taz Reveals Why He Left TNA Wrestling, Addresses Pay Rumors, Josh Mathews, When His Contract Was Up

Taz finally broke his silence regarding his exit From longtime employer TNA during the latest episode of Human Podcast Machine. Here are the highlights:

* Taz said he asked for and was granted his release. He wishes the company success in the future and is grateful for them.

* Taz wasn't fired. He says there were no repercussions for not showing up to the Nashville voice overs. His checks were late, and he said the business understood why he didn't show up.

* "I need to say emphatically, I have been paid. It was a few days later," he said. He cited the earlier report of issues with the Dallas and Nashville offices communicating.

* He said wrestling is a business and he treats it as such. He says TNA was apologetic, and said they had their reasons, but he wouldn't get into those reasons. He doesn't plan on bashing TNA as a company.

* Taz says the amount he's making is his business, and is nobody else's. He says he has no clue how much his co-workers made. He has no complaints about the amount he was being paid. He didn't leave TNA over a raise.

* "My contract was expiring in the Summer of this year. I was looking to move on and do other things. TNA wanted me to stay," said Taz.

* Taz said that he wanted to explore other options in his career.

* He didn't leave because of a bad relationship with new commentator Josh Mathews. He welcomed fans to tweet Josh Mathews and ask him. He says he's worked with Josh Mathews for a long time. He said he wouldn't leave a job or a lifestyle because he didn't like someone.

* He also said that he wasn't trying to get Josh Mathews removed in favor of Mike Tenay. He said Tenay is one of his great friends and will remain a staple on his podcasts.

* He said that he wasn't surprised that Josh Mathews was equipped to call Impact by himself. He's also not surprised that he did well at it.

* Taz says he plans on continuing his podcast work. He puts over his production staff and CBS Radio. He says his goal is to keep improving the podcast.

* He thanks TNA, Dixie Carter in particular, for his run in the company. He brings up John Gaburick, Vince Russo, Dave Lagana, Bob Ryder, Matt Conway and Eric Bischoff as well.

* "I had a very positive experience. It had its up and downs."

* "Give these creative teams a break, guys. It's not an easy task," he says.

You can listen to the full podcast at this link. Taz goes into great detail about his issues with TNA and why he left.


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