As noted earlier, WWE held a media event last week in San Francisco. At the event, I asked Stephanie McMahon about the WWE Divas division and how she sees it evolving.

“I think that it’s time WWE listens to our fans and we give Divas a chance,” McMahon replied.

I also spoke with the Bella Twins and mentioned women not being on the UFC’s radar a few years ago, and Ronda Rousey now being the company’s biggest star. I asked the Bellas how long they thought it would be before women headlined a WWE pay-per-view. While Nikki Bella felt like it would happen eventually, it wouldn’t be anytime soon.

“I think it’s definitely years and years away, but I think we’re on the right track towards it,” Nikki said. “I think it’s going to take a while, but I definitely see us heading in that direction. I mean, I think it might be ten years from now, but I think Total Divas has given some of us Divas that mainstream audience that brings us to the level to where John Cena’s at, or where Dwayne Johnson’s at. When you look at our audience now, and John and I have talked about this, you see more women and more little girls and it’s because they want to see Total Divas in the ring. So I think the reality show has helped put more eyes on the Divas division and it’s given our fans an even bigger voice of saying, ‘hey, give Divas a chance!'”

“If you allow Divas to tell a story they can sell a pay-per-view,” Brie added. “Stephanie McMahon and myself were in a storyline and a lot of people would say that our story is the one that sold SummerSlam. I really think that this ‘Give Divas a Chance’ is putting everyone on the right page, and I hope that we can. We can really sell a pay-per-view, we have so many great Divas in NXT. The division is more than in good hands.”

Former NXT Divas Champion Charlotte also spoke to the media last week, and said that she would like to main event a pay-per-view against Natalya.

“I want to continue my ability to open the doors for women’s wrestling when I make the jump from here to the main roster. I want to main event a pay-per-view on the main roster,” Charlotte said. “I would just like one more time to have that battle with Natalya. Nattie put me on the map.”

Charlotte added that she hopes to bring change to the Divas division.

“When I go to the main roster, what I’m able to do down here in NXT, that’s what I dream about and that’s what I want. Whether it takes a year or two years, I think we’ll be able to change it.”