The Great Khali Talks WWE Future (Video), Why Spanish Announcers Were On RAW, WWE Visits Stonehenge

- In the video above, The Great Khali talks to Title Match Wrestling. Despite recent reports coming out of India, Khali says "you never know" when it comes to a WWE return but says we probably won't see him at WrestleMania 32 because he's busy with his own wrestling school.

- Sebastian sent the following: WWE official commentators for Spain, Hector del Mar and Fernando Costilla were in the secondary table of commentators on Monday Night Raw. It's the first time two Spain's commentators were in this position. This was possible due to an agreement between the WWE and A3Media. Fernando Costilla is a Spanish commentator and Hector del Mar (Argentina) is a soccer's legend commentator in Spain that leads commenting WWE since 1989.

- Several of the WWE Superstars visited Stonehenge today while traveling in England. Below is a photo of Kalisto, Titus O'Neil and Sin Cara at the prehistoric monument:


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