TNA Impact Wrestling Results (4/3): Heavyweight Title Match, Magnus Vs. Bram, More

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Recaps roll as we get a look at everything leading up to the key matches in tonight's show. Then Eric Young hits the ramp. He says he's ready to end Roode's career. Roode comes out with his own mic and says history is on his side. EY wants a submission match and Bobby says? "Giggety!"

Submission match: Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

Roode charges the ring as the bell sounds. Young bails and they go at it at ringside. They make it back inside as Matthews explains that the ref will call for a rope break if a submission hold is applied inside the ring. Roode catches EY on the ropes but he doesn't hold the upper hand for long as Young roars back. Roode tries for a crossface and Young gets to the ropes. The fight continues on the floor and Roode applies another crossface. Hebner says it has to happen in the ring, so Bobby breaks the hold.

Back inside, Young mounts another comeback but Roode stays in the hunt. Young slows Roode with a big boot but Bobby still delivers a spinebuster as we head to commercial.

Eric Young gets some control of the situation in the second half of this one. He puts Roode on the floor outside and charges an unruly fan. They make it back to the canvas and Roode comes back with another crossface. When that fails, he goes for a Boston Crab and Young grabs the ropes again. The head outside again and Young works Roode over on the steps. EY rolls him back inside and Roode battles back with a series of chops. They start slugging it out and Roode can't hit the ropes because he's tweaked his knee. Young locks in a Figure Four but Roode reverses it. Heb gets knocked down by EY and Roode sinks in another crossface but the ref can't call it. EY puts Roode into a Figure Four again and Roode drops the F-bomb? and then taps.

Result: Eric Young defeats Bobby Roode via submission.

After a commercial, The Wolves come out. Eddie is on crutches and explained that he injured his foot in a match because The Wolves always push themselves to the limit. His heel was fractured and he's going to be out of action for a while. The Crowd starts an "Eddie Edwards!" champ. Eddie explains that The Wolves can't defend the titles at the moment and J.B. asks Davey if he's considered another tag partner. Richards says that without Eddie Edwards, there are no Wolves and with that, they relinquish the titles.

Hemme interviews Lashley backstage and he says his whole life is motivation. He's still looking to get the TNA title back in his ever-lovin' hands.

After the break, it's time for Knockouts action.

Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love

Angelina blindsides Gail after a promo and the bell rings to officially start the bout. Love bounces Kim around and covers for a near fall. Gail fires back and then takes Love down with a dropkick off the ropes. She delivers some more blows but Angelina turns it around with a backbreaker. Kim gets back into the fray and they battle back and forth until the action spills outside. Love has control for most of the brawl but Kim mounts some offense and they both avoid a count out. Both women keep up the fight and get near-falls but it's Kim who gets the pinfall after a high-impact move.

Result: Gail Kim defeats Angelina Love via pinfall.

Falls Count Anywhere: Magnus vs. Bram

They guys tear at each other and Bram heads outside, so Magnus kicks him out on the apron and a ringside battle ensues. Magnus drills Bram's head into the guardrail and then chops him for good measure. The fight up the ramp and Magnus looks to power bomb Bram off the stage but Bram counters with a low blow. It is, after all, a no-DQ affair. Bram has things in hand now as they battle towards the ring. Back inside, Bram stays in control and at one point, he steps out to grab a chair. He whacks Magnus with it and although Magnus mounts resistance, Bram still retains the upper hand. The go at it off the ropes and a double knock-down occurs as TNA takes a break from the action.

After the commercial, Magnus struggles to stay alive and Mickie comes out to lend some encouragement. Bram takes advantage of the distraction and waffles his opponent with a chair. The end up on the floor again and Bram puts Magnus' head through the open chair and then tosses him into the ring post. He then places Magnus on the steel steps and taunts Mickie as he gears up for more chair shots. Mickie lures him into the ring and as Bram backs her into a corner, James Storm runs in to make the save. Color everyone confused. Storm gets Mickie to safety and Magnus takes the fight to Bram. Bram manages to put Magnus down again but can't seal the deal. Magnus fights back on his knees and then peppers Bram in the breadbasket. He delivers a power bomb and the Trifecta for the win.

Result: Magnus defeats Bram via pinfall.

Backstage, Angle says Lashley is one of the best he's ever faced. He adds that he's not ready to drop the strap just yet.

After break, we get a backstage look at Magnus and Mickie talking after the match. Magnus calls to Storm and asks why he helped and James says, "I was just looking out for an old friend. See you , Mickie." Welcome to Creepsville ? Population: That guy.

Recaps follow of the Angle/Lashley rivalry and then it's time for the real deal.

TNA Heavyweight Title Match: Lashley vs. Kurt Angle (c)

The men shake hands and get down to grappling and Angle tries to take it to the mat quickly. Lashley fires back off the ropes, butting the Olympian down briefly. They grapple again and Lashley gets control. Angle fires him on to the ropes but can't stand against his opponent's recoil. Angle ends up outside briefly and then comes back in and they lock up again. Lashley scores a takedown but Angle scrambles and wraps Lashley's arm behind his back. After some back-and-forth, Angle lands a belly-to-belly off the ropes and follows with a German shortly thereafter. Lashley hits the floor but then comes back in and delivers a spear in the corner. He puts Kurt in a bear bug for a spell. Angle goes down to the mat but doesn't give up. He reaches a vertical base again and seems to be gaining momentum but Lashley slows him down with a kick and puts him down for a near fall. Commercial sign.

As we rejoin the action, Josh Matthews reminds us that Kurt Angle is in the black, red and white trunks. Lashley dominates in the opening moments of this particular portion and hit something like a running body-slam, earning a near-fall. He misses with a spear, giving Angle a window to hit another belly-to-belly. An Angle Slam follows and Kurt slaps on the ankle lock. Lashley tries for the rope and Angle pulls him back, so Bobby dumps Kurt by flipping him through the ropes. Lashley gets Angle back into the ring and sets up for a big suplex as the crowd counts the seconds that Angle is suspended in the air. After Angle hits the mat, Lashley gets in position for the spear and catches Kurt squarely. Amazingly, Angle kicks out and the match continues. Lashley goes up top and Angle pursues him. They appear to botch a belly-to-belly off the top but Angle re-racks for an Angle Slam off the second rope. Then Angle goes up top for a moonsault and comes up empty. Lashley applies his own ankle lock and Kurt almost taps but instead, he pushes Lashley into the turnbuckle and then rolls him up for the three-count.

Result: Kurt Angle defeats Lashley via pinfall, retaining the title.

Post-match, Taz says he thinks Lashley had a shoulder up at three. They roll footage to back it up as the show winds down.

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