Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of UFC 186! Tonight's show features a Flyweight Championship fight, in addition to the likes of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Michael Bisping in action. You can check out our preview of the event here, and the full card at this link.


Randa Markos (#6) defeated Aisling Daly (#10) via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Valerie Letourneau defeats Jessica Rakoczy via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Nordine Taleb defeats Chris Clements via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Olivier Aubin-Mercier def. David Michaud via submission (rear-naked choke), Round 3, 3:24

Chad Laprise defeats Bryan Barberena by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Alexis Davis (#3) defeats Sarah Kaufman (#5) via submission (armbar) - Round 2, 1:52

Patrick Cote def. Joe Riggs via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Thomas Almeida vs. Yves Jabouin
Round 1:
Almeida is 18-0 coming in to this fight. A light leg kick from Almeida is the only thing that lands in the first minute. Jabouin takes Almeida down, but Almeida regains guard and lands a hard elbow. Almeida works his was back to his feet and eats a leg kick and a body kick. Almeida hits a stiff jab, left to the body, and right hand, and is starting to get in his groove. Jabouin grazes him on a spinning back kick, but is eating a lot of punches. A big body kick sets up a huge combo, and the ref steps in while it's still on the feet. Almedia was dominating.

Result: Thomas Almeida def. Yves Jabouin via TKO (punches), Round 1, 4:18

Thomas Almeida moves to 19-0 after that win. You're going to see this guy headline some cards in the future.

Shane Campbell vs. John Makdessi
Round 1:
Campbell comes out with several hard kicks, but Makdessi has had enough and goes for the takedown. Campbell stifles it and goes back to his kicks. Finally halfway through the round, Makdessi hits a couple of body punches and a kick, followed by a right hand. Campbell gets dropped by a big right hand. He may be done. Campbell recovers but eats a lot of punches. Campbell keeps getting kicks caught, and Makdessi drops him again. The refs steps in seconds before the bell!

Result: John Makdessi defeats Shane Campbell via TKO, Round 1, 4:53

Well this card is flying by. That was a last minute replacement that Makdessi beat, but Campbell is a dangerous striker.

Michael Bisping (#10) vs. CB Dolloway (#11)
Round 1:
Dolloway opens with a leg kick, but then blasts Bisping between the legs. A short break, and Bisping goes for a couple of head kicks, and stuffs a takedown. Dolloway fires back with a couple of hooks that can't find their mark, before a right hand does. Dolloway drops Bisping with 40 seconds to go, but isn't able to follow up. Another couple of punches land, but Bisping fires back with a four punch combo and a head kick to close the round.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for CB Dolloway

Round 2: The two trade punches for the first couple of minutes. Nothing of consequence comes, but Bisping was throwing with higher volume. Bisping stuffs another takedown in impressive fashion before hitting a right hand and a kick. Bisping hurts Dolloway with a big punch, but can't put Dolloway down, and Dolloway catches Bisping with a couple of punches. Dolloway lands a half hearted takedown to close the round.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Michael Bisping, tying it up at 19-19

Round 3: Bisping starts off with a couple of head kicks and a punch, but gets taken down. Bisping is back up in a matter of seconds, and gets caught with a left hook. Bisping answers with a two punch combo, then another straight. Bisping throws a nice overhand right that connects, but Dolloway counters. These two are slugging it out, but in a technical fashion. Bisping scores wit another couple of combos, but gets tagged as Dolloway regains his footing after a slip. A couple of leg kicks land for Bisping, and Dolloway shoots in for the takedown with 45 seconds left. Bisping stuffs it and peppers Dolloway with punches from the top. Bisping hits a knee and two big punches to end the fight.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Michael Bisping, making it 29-28 for Bisping.

Result: Michael Bisping (#10) defeats CB Dolloway (#11) via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

That was a fantastic fight, and Michael Bisping looked great. The usually boring Dolloway was exciting.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Fabio Maldonado (#12)
Round 1:
Rampage lands a nice leg kick, followed by some punches to the body before the two clinch. Rampage hits a couple of knees before they separate. Jackson with another couple of knees before hitting a good combo and a leg kick on Fabio. Maldonado hits a jab before a straight combo to the body. Rampage catches Fabio and unloads as Fabio is up against the cage. Jackson scores a couple of jabs and a leg kick, before a body shot and uppercut. Fabio answers with a left hook as Rampage whiffs on a head kick.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 1 for Rampage Jackson, 10-9

Round 2: Rampage aggressive early, landing body shots, an uppercut and a knee before getting pressed against the cage. Jackson answers with a knee to the body. Maldonado is landing the occasional punch, but they don't have much on them. Rampage continues landing at will with body shots, a hook and a body kick. Fabio pushed Rampage back against the cage, but Jackson continues to get the best of the clinch exchanges as the commentators speculate that Fabio is trying to wear Jackson down. Jackson with a couple of big uppercuts, but Fabio feels no pain in life. Fabio lands a takedown, but gets elbowed from the bottom.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 2 for Rampage Jackson 10-9, to make it 20-18 Jackson

Round 2: The two trade body punches to start the round, but Rampage lands really good body punch as he slips several punches. Maldonado hits a good punch, but his mouth guard falls out. Rampage hits a couple more big combos and Fabio's mouth guard falls out one more time. Rampage is being really technical with his striking. Fabio presses him against the cage and eats an elbow, but throws a couple of punches of his own. A Fabio left hook is preceded by another Rampage combo.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 3 for Rampage Jackson 10-9, making it 30-27 Jackson.

Result: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson defeats Fabio Maldonado (#12) via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Rampage looked fantastic, but he didn't have to worry about the threat of the take down. Hopefully UFC puts him in some fun matchups.

UFC Flyweight Championship
Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson (c) vs. Kyoji Horiguchi (#7)

Round 1: Horiguchi opens up with a couple of kicks, but misses a straight right. Johnson answers with a kick of his own, and this is like Street Fighter II Turbo in real life. Johnson catches a kick and works Horiguchi against the cage. Johnson fails to get the takedown, and lands a front kick to the body. Johnson hits three big punches, a head kick and lands the takedown. After about a minute, Horiguchi works his way up to his feet.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 1 for Demetrious Johnson, 10-9

Round 2: Johnson counters a missed punch with a straight, but gets caught with a good combo from Horiguchi. The two end up against the cage and Horighuchi gets a takedown. Johnson gets back up and promptly returns the favor, taking down Horiguchi. They get back up to their feet, but Johnson lands a hook, kick, takedown yet again. Back up to the feet, another takedown as the crowd boos. This happens a fourth time, with a punch thrown in, and Horiguchi is starting to look a little tired. They're back on the feet trading punches, but not much lands.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 2 for Demetrious Johnson 10-9, making it 20-18 Johnson.

Round 3: Johnson opens with a head kick before coming up empty on a takedown. Horiguchi scores a leg kick and stuffs a takedown attempt. Horiguchi gets up after another takedown and lands a big punch to Johnson, but Mighty Mouse has an outstanding chin. Johnson lands a huge double leg takedown, and they're on the ground in the middle of the cage for the first time. Johnson passes into side control, and he's right in front of his corner. A mounted crucifix allows Johnson to land some shots.

Wrestling Inc scored Round 3 for Demetrious Johnson, 10-9, making it 30-27 Johnson

Round 4: Two leg kicks from Johnson are answered by a Horiguchi right hand, as the challenger will need a finish to win. Horiguchi stops a couple of takedowns, but eats a body kick. Horiguchi tries a takedown of his own, but can't get it.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 4 for Demetrious Johnson 10-9, making it 40-36 Johnson

Round 5: Johnson immediately lands a takedown and moves in to side control. Horiguchi works his way up, but catches knees to the body. They're back on the feet and trading big punches before Johnson takes Horiguchi back down and moves into side control. Mighty Mouse briefly threatens a double wristlock but Horiguchi rolls through and gets taken down two more times. Johnson gets in a crucifix, lands shots and throws on an armbar for the win!

Result: Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson (c) defeats Kyoji Horiguchi (#7) via submission (armbar), Round 5, 4:59 to retain the UFC Flyweight Championship

Well, that was something. That is an unbeatable record: the latest finish in MMA/UFC history. One second left and Horiguchi still had to tap out! Amazing. Demetrious Johnson is truly one of the most dominant athletes of our time.