Undertaker Appearance, Vince McMahon Hypes Nomination, Music Producer On If The Authority Is Stale

- Rolling Stone has an interview with legendary music producer Rick Rubin at this link, who discussed being a long-time pro wrestling fan. During the interview, Rubin was asked if WWE depends too heavily on the heel dynamic - particularly with the Authority - and if it's becoming stale.

"I think the writing is pretty good and I actually like the Authority," Rubin replied. "Did you watch WrestleMania? I thought Stephanie McMahon and Triple H's speech was fantastic. Stephanie's giving this heartfelt speech about all the people that were there, and seeing the growth of wrestling and then she goes, 'Everyone has to thank me, because it couldn't have happened without me and my husband Triple H' [laughs]. And then Triple H's speech about, 'Not only did I beat Sting tonight, but I beat everyone who ever came up against us. I beat 76,969 of you tonight.' It's unbelievable! That's so funny to me. I couldn't write it! That extreme insanity is really appealing to me.

- The Undertaker will be appearing at Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago on Friday, August 21st from 3pm - 7pm.

- The WWE Network and WWE App have been nominated for a Webby Award. Vince McMahon posted the following hyping the nomination:

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