Vickie Guerrero On How She Got Her WWE Job, Her Promos "Sucking"

Vickie Guerrero appeared on this Talk Is Jericho this week, and spoke to Chris Jericho about a variety of subjects. We noted yesterday that she revealed that the Radicalz had actually met with WWE prior to jumping from WCW. She also spoke about how she ended up in WWE, and how hard learning to do promos was for her.

"I actually didn't need any help," said Guerrero of the notion that WWE was giving her a job to help financially. "We had life insurance and we were okay. It was an eye awakening. I kind of disappeared for a year, I was taking care of the girls. Johnny (Ace) didn't approach me until July of the following year."

Vickie said that John Laurinaitis asked her to come work a story line with Rey Mysterio. Guerrero agreed, but only thought that it would be a role she'd fill once or twice and be done. Ten years later, she was still in the company. She was finally offered a contract two months after debuting

Jericho complimented Guerrero's ability as a heel and how she adapted to cutting promos. Guerrero was quick to point out that it wasn't easy.

"They gave me a promo and I didn't know what the hell I was doing," said Guerrero. "I went out there and was like a deer in headlights. I got through it and Dusty Rhodes says 'come here honey we gotta talk. Honey that sucked so bad, but I still love you.'"

Guerrero said that having Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio around helped her. She was told that being herself was the best thing she could do to shine in her promos.

You can listen to the full Vickie Guerrero interview over at Podcast One at this link. She talks about what she's been up to since leaving the WWE, and if she thinks a return to the company will happen.