Vickie Guerrero Reveals Radicalz Meeting With Vince McMahon Before Leaving WCW

Former WWE General Manager Vickie Guerrero appeared on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast, and updated fans on where she's at in life now. The widow of the late Eddie Guerrero also dropped some information about Guerrero's exit from WCW.

Vickie noted that despite the fact that Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit appeared on WWE television after a highly publicized WCW exit, there had been talks of doing so well before they were released by WCW.

"(Vince) and Eddie always had a special relationship," said Vickie. "When Eddie was jumping over with the Radicalz to come to Raw, they were talking for a while. They were already talking and Eddie would go and visit with him, and they had these meetings."

Vickie also said she wasn't sure if Guerrero would actually make the jump to WWE when he did. She would later say how grateful she is for the McMahon family.

"I didn't know what (the meetings) were about," Guerrero said. "Eddie kept it quiet, because it was such a big jump. Vince has just been so good to me. Even Linda and Stephanie, they were such a big instrument in making sure I was okay."

You can listen to the full episode of Vickie Guerrero on Talk Is Jericho at this link. She goes on to talk about how she joined WWE, the WWE poking fun at her weight, and if she plans on returning to the company.


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