WWE Extreme Rules: Neville Vs. Bad News Barrett (Kickoff Pre-show)

- The 2015 WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff Pre-show starts with Renee Young welcoming us to Chicago. She's joined by Byron Saxton, Corey Graves and Booker T. They run down the card and we get a "New Day sucks" chant from the crowd already. Renee talks about WWE Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan being pulled from the show and hypes Neville vs. Bad News Barrett. They talk about how big of an opportunity Neville has. Booker says the kid is good but he may get some bad news tonight. Booker and Renee send well wishes to Bryan. We go to Tom Phillips in the social media lounge.

- Tom reveals that Kane will be joining him later. We get a video for Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins tonight. Booker predicts Orton, Graves goes with Rollins and Saxton also goes with Orton. Booker calls it the most important match of Rollins' career. We get hype fort he Divas Title match. Eden talks with Naomi backstage. Naomi is confident about leaving with the Divas Title tonight. Naomi says she doesn't like Eden's attitude and is tired of everyone else. She's not going to regret what she does to Nikki Bella tonight. Dean Ambrose comes out to a big pop and takes Saxton's seat on the panel. Ambrose says he didn't come to Chicago to eat deep dish pizza, he came for a Chicago Street Fight and revenge on Luke Harper. Saxton comes back and we get discussion on tonight's Kiss Me Arse match.

- The panel discusses Tough Enough and we see some audition videos. We get a video for tonight's Last Man Standing match. The panel isn't sure how Roman Reigns will be able to keep Big Show down. A huge CM Punk chant breaks out after some more "New Day sucks" chants. We cut to another cryptic promo from Bray Wyatt out of nowhere.

Neville vs. Bad News Barrett

We go to Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler at ringside. Bad News Barrett is out first. He takes the mic and has some bad news - Daniel Bryan is not medically cleared to compete tonight and it's all because of Barrett. Barrett says Bryan isn't man enough to face him and is terrified of losing the Intercontinental Title. Barrett calls out Neville to take the Bullhammer that was destined for Bryan. Fans pop and out comes Neville.

Neville hits the ring and we get NXT chants. They lock up and Barrett goes to a headlock as fans chant for Neville. Neville ends up countering for a 2 count roll up. Barrett takes Neville to the corner and stomps away. Neville flips across the ring and gets another 2 count. Neville sends Barrett to the floor and dropkicks him back off the apron. Neville goes to the apron and Barrett takes his legs out. Barrett tosses Neville into the barrier as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break and Barrett has Neville grounded in the ring. Barrett blocks a counter with a big kick to the gut for a 2 count. Barrett lays Neville over the turnbuckles and hits him with forearms. Barrett charges and sends Neville to the mat for another 2 count. Barrett with a huge clothesline and another 2 count. Barrett keeps control and drops Neville into a backbreaker for another pin attempt. Barrett with a headlock now. Neville makes a comeback with kicks. He ducks a clothesline and take Barrett's leg out. Neville with a kick to the head. Barrett goes to the floor and Neville leaps out onto him. Fans chant for NXT as Neville brings it back in the ring. Neville hits a suplex and holds it for a 2 count.

Neville looks to go to the top but Barrett cuts him off. Barrett ends up hitting Winds of Change but Neville kicks out at 2. Barrett goes for Wasteland but Neville slides out. More back and forth now. Barrett catches Neville with Wasteland for another close 2 count. Barrett readies for the Bullhammer but Neville ducks and nails an enziguri. Neville goes to the top for Red Arrow but Barrett crotches him. Barrett misses a Bullhammer. Neville lands on his feet from the top and connects with a kick to the head. Neville goes back to the top and hits Red Arrow for the win.

Winner: Neville

- After the match, Neville goes to celebrate as we get replays. JBL calls it the biggest win of Neville's career.

- Tom Phillips is back in the social media lounge with fan questions for Kane but he's not interested in any of them after he gets asked if he's still relevant. Kane says he's too busy for tweets and doesn't have time to be disrespected by Tom or the fans. Kane takes off his mic and storms off. We go back to the panel for discussion on Rusev vs. John Cena. Saxton believes Rusev has the advantage tonight. Graves goes with Cena. Booker gets the crowd hype and they chant his name. That's it for the pre-show.


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