WWE Superstars Results (4/3): R-Truth Gets A Win, Fandango Vs. Jack Swagger

This is it? the big, boffo, post-'Mania episode of WWE Superstars! Cue the intros, then cut the music. Let's get down to ringside for all the action.

Fandango vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger shows off some strength after the bell but Fandango responds with some grappling. Fandango lands a few more stiff blows before Swagger fires back but the dancer slows things down by hitting Jack's eye with a digit. Fandango then catches Jack in some kind of leg lock as he looks for a submission. Swagger makes it back up and picks up momentum, tossing Fandango around and then putting him down for a cover and near fall. Fandango comes back and works the knee. They make it to the corner and climb up top together and Fandango brings Swagger down with a head butt. On the mat, Fandango connects again and covers Swagger for the win.

Result: Fandango defeats Jack Swagger via pinfall.

WWE re-racks copious amounts of WrestleMania as well as Brock Lesnar's rampage, the Intercontinental title match from Raw and Sheamus-related stuff. Then it's back to the new stuff.

R-Truth vs. Luke Harper

The give Truth quite a bit of time on the mic before Luke comes out. Things get underway as the lights flicker. Harper gains the advantage quickly, taking Truth apart on the mat. R-Truth responds with some dance moves. After a short break, Harper tears at Truth again and keeps on top despite some occasional resistance from Truth. Truth finally connects with a kick that staggers Harper and he follows with a dropkick off the top. Luke nails Truth with a superkick and puts him down for a two-count. Truth lands a Lie Detector and covers for the win. Nice match.

Result: R-Truth defeats Luke Harper via pinfall.

WWE closes out this show with Axxess footage and a rerun of the main event from Monday Night Raw. That's all she wrote.