Last month, we heard the unfortunate news of legendary wrestler and promoted Verne Gagne passing away at 89. He’s widely considered among the most important men in the business, and responsible for the training of major names in the business as well.

His funeral was held last week in Minnesota, with eulogies by his son Greg Gagne, and former employee “Mean” Gene Okerlund. Unfortunately, it seemed as if things went downhill from there.

During the eulogy being delivered by Greg Gagne, the Wrestling Observer says that Backlund interrupted and started cutting a heel promo. It was said to be “ridiculously out of place.”

Backlund, a 2013 WWE Hall of Famer, has been sporadically involved with wrestling for several decades. He was the only man to hold the WWF title in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. He was also known for making ridiculous demands when fans asked for autographs, such as suggesting the fans should have to recite each U.S. President in order before signing.

We’ve reached out to more sources for comment, and hope to have an update on the situation.