Hulk Hogan Says He Turned Down MMA Career, Calls American Football "Boring"

The Herald Sun has an article about Hulk Hogan's promotional tour in Australia last week. During the tour, Hogan – shown above endorsing the New England Patriots – talked about American football being "boring."


"I wish American football was as good as Australian football," Hogan said. "I've never seen such athletes [Australian football players] run, take those big hits and keep getting up. And when I went back and watched American football, it was boring."

Hogan also took some shots at MMA, calling it "too violent." Hogan – shown below telling Joe Rogan that he was a big UFC fan – also claimed to have turned down an opportunity to compete in the sport during the early days of the UFC.

"We looked at it and it was very violent and the referees weren't stopping the matches and letting guys get beat up when they should have been stopped," Hogan said. "So we just didn't want to have any part of it but it's become quite a phenomena."


Source: The Herald Sun

L.O.S. The Butcher contributed to this article.