Kaitlyn Q&A: TNA, If She Misses Wrestling, Her Decision To Retire, Possible Comeback

Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn recently participated in a Q & A on her twitter account, talking about various wrestling-related topics. Here are the highlights:

* Kaitlyn says she'd have really liked to face Charlotte or Sasha Banks, and said they seemed legit.

* When asked what TNA Knockout she'd have liked to face, Kaitlyn said she doesn't watch TNA.

* She said if she could face one male wrestler, it'd be Big E, because they're practically the same person.

* Kaitlyn put over Eve Torres as a talented professional.

* She was asked why she used the reverse DDT as a finisher in 2012, and Kaitlyn said she was given a lot of stuff by agents because of her inexperience.

* The edition of Iron Man Magazine she was promoting during her Q&A was her first magazine cover.

* She said she's retired the brown-blonde hair look forever.

* A fan asked about the commentary being disrespectful during NXT season 3. Kaitlyn said it sucked when it happened, but it made them tough.

* Regarding her retirement, she stated it was the hardest decision she's ever made, but knew it was time.

* The name "Kaitlyn" was selected for her at the last minute the day of her debut.

* AJ Lee was her favorite diva to work with. AJ and Beth Phoenix were her biggest wrestling inspirations.

* She said while her life is amazing now, she misses WWE at times. She also wouldn't close the door on a return, saying "you never know." She did state that she has no plans for a return, though.

* Tamina is the physically toughest person she's faced in the ring.

Kaitlyn also answered several other wrestling related questions in promotion of her feature in the new Iron Man Magazine. You can follow her on Twitter at this link.


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