Former WWE superstar Mason Ryan was profiled by the Daily Post, and talked to them about his entire career. He noted that since leaving WWE he still opts to live in the U.S., although he misses being in Wales. He also said his independent career is keeping him busy. Here are the highlights:

Working in Japan:

I also have a few shows lined up in Japan, and will be wrestling in Nagoya in a few weeks time for the legendary Japanese wrestler, Antonio Inoki and the IGF promotion. But the Japanese tend to take it more seriously and is more of a hard-hitting style that involves less showmanship. All it means really is that you have to be flexible.

The indy scene in America:

“There’s a thriving independent scene in the states, so I’m being kept busy enough. Wrestling has always been popular in America, there are shows taking place somewhere every night. I’m enjoying myself immensely.”

Moving to the U.S.:

“Tampa Bay, Florida, is a slightly different world to Porthmadog! I have a house there and my girlfriend is from Florida, so I’m quite settled now. The lifestyle is very enjoyable, it suits me at the moment but who knows what the future holds. I received my green card a few weeks ago, its a long process but I’m safe for the foreseeable future!”

You can read the full article at this link.