Ring Of Honor TV Recap (5/9): Chris Sabin Returns To ROH Ring, Huge 6-Man Tag Main Event

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor TV! Today we'll see the ROH in-ring return of Chris Sabin.

Chris Sabin vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Adam Cole joins the commentary team, and O'Reilly has his gourd bandaged up. Sabin attacks him outside the ring, and sustains the beating for several minutes. On commentary, the announcers mention that Ciampa has been fired from Ring of Honor.

They get back into the ring and O'Reilly attacks the arm of Chris Sabin, as Sabin begs for a time out. Instead, Sabin spits at O'Reilly and hits a big dive to the outside of the ring as we cut to our first commercial break.

As we come back, Sabin is working over the head of O'Reilly and tears the bandage off his head. O'Reilly gets busted open, and the crowd gets behind him. He grabs an armbar, but Sabin is able to reach the ropes.

Sabin uses the ol' "stand on his nutskis in the tree of woe" move, straight out of the Frank Gotch playbook. He follows up with a big springboard DDT that gets two. They go back and forth with strikes before O'Reilly hits a brainbuster for two. Sabin throws Kyle outside to take a break.

Fish and Daniels both come to ringside to help, and then as the ref is distracted, Sabin and Kaz team up on O'Reilly. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock for the pinfall.

Winner: Chris Sabin via pinfall (Cradle Shock)

It's great to see Sabin back on TV. This was a good segment that went a solid 22 minutes total.

- Corino hypes the upcoming NJPW/ROH shows, and we see a recap video of the issues ACH has had with Decade.

Alberto El Patron, ACH & Matt Sydal vs. Roderick Strong & The Briscoes

ACH and Mark trade chain holds, and then Sydal and Roderick follow the same formula before shaking hands. Patron then worked over Jay Briscoe until he tagged out to Mark, who took control and beat down El Patron.

ACH gets the tag and takes over briefly before Strong busts a backbreaker out on Sydal that really god the crowd going. Tags to ACH and Mark Briscoe result in several dives, with Jay Briscoe coming out the better of everyone. This was a really cool sequence.

ACH gets a big double foot stomp to Briscoe and tags out to Patron. AEP gives Strong a dose of his own medicine with a big time backbreaker for a two count, but then Strong scores a gutbuster for a two count of his own.

The match goes crazy, but Roderick Strong ends up looking dominant. He hits a big superplex on ACH, and Patron lands a big double foot stomp of his own. AEP locks an armbar on Mark, followed by a Sydal Shooting Star Press and an ACH 450 for the win.

Winners: ACH, Matt Sydal & Alberto El Patron via pinfall (450 Splash)