ECW legend Sabu has finally stepped out of the limelight since he’s reached his 50’s, and hasn’t appeared on national TV since leaving TNA in 2010. Despite his career winding down, Sabu told WrestleTalk TV he has no desire to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“No, I care nothing about the WWE Hall of Fame, but I would like to be inducted in to the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. They have one in Iowa and New York. Either one of those or both of those would mean a whole lot more,” said Sabu.

When asked why the former ECW, WWE, WCW and TNA wrestler didn’t want to be inducted, he simply said that he thinks it’s a decision often motivated by money from both sides.

“It’s just a money maker for WWE, it’s not to honor wrestlers. It’s to make a pay day for the company. Baseball Hall of Fame, they put the best in, they don’t put someone who sang the national anthem, or someone who did one appearance. It’s the fakest Hall of Fame I ever heard of. I would say ‘Yeah, I would do it.’ Then I would go up to do my speech and motherf–ker them,” Sabu said.

Sabu later joked that maybe he’ll just wait until he needed the money. Sabu competed briefly for the WWE between 2006 and 2007. You can see the full video of Sabu’s comments above.