Seth Rollins Talks Ex-GirlFriend Attending SmackDown Taping Last Month, Staying Grounded, More

As noted earlier, The Des Moines Register recently profiled WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. In the video above, Rollins talked to the Register about living in Davenport, IA, noting that it's a slower lifestyle that helps to keep him grounded.


"This is a place where I can go to completely disconnect from the character I play on TV, and I need that," Rollins said. "Mentally, that is crucial for my health. You just can't be someone else all the time, you just have to be you sometimes."

Rollins talked about living close to friends and family, and noted that his ex-girlfriend was attending the WWE SmackDown taping later that night (on April 28th, when the interview took place).

"She's coming to the show tonight, it's a girl I dated like 7 or 8 years ago," Rollins said. "She can't grasp it... Like she only knows me as the dork that she played Guitar Hero with in the basement. She doesn't understand the fascination with this guy that broke her heart, you know what I mean (laughs)? She doesn't get that. It's very interesting, but I need that. I need her to see me as that person so that I can see myself that way. So it's just nice to have relationships that existed before I was this guy, and that is what kind of what keeps you grounded or humbled."


Source: The Des Moines Register