TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Ray Returns To TNA, Tag Titles Vacated, Velvet Sky Is Back

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

We open with Eric Young in the ring. He says he wants to know who the special referee for tonight's match will be since he is the No. 1 contender. He vows to take the title from Kurt Angle. Suddenly, Bully Ray's music hits! He's back! He's wearing a ref shirt and confirms to Young that he will be the special referee tonight. Young looks stunned.

A video package hyping up the show airs.

Ethan Carter III comes out, accompanied by Tyrus. ECIII has some cool new gear. He looks excited and says he just knows everyone voted for his choice to do an arm wrestling match with Ken Anderson. Anderson then waltzes out, tells Carter to shut up and announces that, actually, 85% of fans picked them to fight in a Falls Count Anywhere bout.

Mr Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Tyrus tries to interfere almost right away and Anderson sends him to the floor with a low bridge. He then throws Carter outside the ring as well. He then gets him back in the ring with a suplex. Tyrus tries to attack Anderson again, but gets a mic check into the post for his troubles. Carter gets scared at the prospect of facing Anderson by himself and tries to run away. Anderson tries to stop him and they brawl on the floor. Anderson hits him with a low blow for the two count. Anderson gets some chairs from under the ring, but Carter manages to get out of it. He goes for the mic check but Carter counters it into a backdrop. Carter then spits in Anderson's face. Anderson fights back from this and Finlay rolls him onto the chairs for a few two counts. The fans are really getting behind Anderson here. They fight back into the ring and Anderson hits some clotheslines and a cool-looking neckbreaker. Tyrus then returns and attacks Anderson and hits the corner avalanche and then the heart punch. Anderson is out and Carter covers him for the pin. This was a short, fun match with both men making a ton of effort.

Winner: Ethan Carter III.

Angle talks to Bully Ray backstage. He wants to know if Bully will call things right down the middle in his match with Young tonight. Bully asks if Kurt knows who he is and he walks away.

We come back from a break to see Gail Kim telling Kong to be nice and civil because she and Kong are teaming tonight and they have to stop Taryn and the Dollhouse making a joke of the KO division. They have to be on the same page, are they?

The BDC come out to the ring. MVP notes that they are live tonight and he says he has some controversial things to say. He notes he has a mask that belongs to Homicide. He informs people that Homicide can't be here tonight because he's getting shoulder surgery after he was blindsided and attacked last week. MVP strongly implies The Rising were responsible for the attack or know who was. He calls it a cowardly act. Then he says the BDC is like the US government and takes whatever they want. He says he's tired of the fans calling the BDC "thugs." He calls out The Rising, who come down to the ring accordingly. Galloway says he understands that MVP is upset about the attack on Homicide but he denies The Rising played a part in it. He says Homicide has a lot of enemies and that there are many suspects. Maybe one of his own group did it? They argue some more and MVP vows to end him tonight. A huge brawl breaks out which ends with The Rising emptying the ring.

MVP vs. Drew Galloway

We return with the action just beginning. MVP hits a kneelift on Galloway and pushes him into the corner for further punishment. He then works over Galloway's arm on the ropes. He lands some punches before Galloway fights back with a few chops and a back elbow. MVP comes back and hits him wth the arm codebreaker for the two count. Drew fights back but MVP hits him with a big boot. Galloway lands a kick. We see members of the BDC and The Rising getting into it at ringside. Galloway goes up top but is tripped off the apron and MVP is all over him with punches. MVP swings him off the apron in the barricade. MVP rolls him back into the ring but is only able to get the two count. MVP goes for Play of the Day but Galloway backslides out of it and counters with a Future Shock DDT to win the match clean.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Eric Young runs in out of nowhere and attacks Galloway with a chair. The BDC join in and they take out The Rising. Josh Matthews on commentary seems shocked with this development, saying he didn't know Young was aligned with the BDC. It is hard to keep track of these things in TNA, admittedly.

We see James Storm hanging around in the backstage area. Storm says he as a "special gift" for "a special friend." This is all very sinister and Storm is really shining in this role.

A Kurt Angle video airs.

James Storm comes down to the ring with a giant gift parcel. Storm gets on the mic and says he could talk about drinking and fighting, but he'd rather give the spotlight to someone who deserves it more: Mickie James. Mickie comes out and the crowd chant her name. Storm says he knows she's changing careers from wrestling to motherhood and he respects that. Storm talks about his own mom's influence on him and says "God Bless Mothers everywhere." Storm notes that he promised Mickie "one more match" and there will be a right time and right place for that, but he also wants to celebrate her music. He calls her amazing then opens the gift to reveal an absurdly cool purple black custom-made guitar. Mickie looks thrilled with the present, calls it awesome and tells Storm he didn't have to do it. He then plays the instrument and sings a little bit and poses for some cheesy photos with Mickie.

Magnus storms out and does not look happy. Storm notes he got him a gift too the old Brutus Magnus gladiator helmet. Eh, Mickie's gift was way nicer. Magnus looks annoyed, shoves Storm and tries to leave with Mickie. Then Storm says he got their baby son a git too (who is he, Santa Claus?). This is all too much for Magnus and he hits Storm over the head with the guitar. Jeff Jarrett should sue for gimmick infringement. Storm gives Magnus an evil, ominous smile as Magnus leaves. Entertaining segment, with a terrific, creepy performance from Storm.

The BDC meet with Eric Young. Young says they're all business partners now and if he wins the title tonight, they win it too. He tells MVP to consider this.

We see footage of Gail with her husband Robert Irvine at his show. Then Taryn showed up and caused trouble by attempting to take selfies with Gail's stepchildren. A KO hype video airs.

The Dollhouse vs. Awesome Kong and Gail Kim

Jade attacks Gail even before the match as started. Kim fights back and hits her with a Rana. Jade tags in Belle and Kong tags herself in and immediately goes after her. Kim tags herself in and argues with Kong, while the Dollhouse laugh at their inability to get along. After a few seconds of squabbling, Kim and Kong team up to fight Marti and Jade. Taryn ten attacks Kim from behind, allowing Marti to gain the advantage. Jade tags in and hits the cannoball in the corner on Gail for the two count. Gail is then showed into the heel cover where's she's double teamed. Gail fights back valiantly and eventually gets a knee up and the submission hold on Jade. Taryn saves Jade from the hold and then both Gail and Jade are down. Marti trash talks on the apron and tries to take a shot at Kong, but Kong throws her into one of Kim's clotheslines. Both Taryn and Kong then tag in and Kong runs wild with clotheslines and hits the KO champ with a slam. She goes for the Implant Buster but Belle and Jade interfere. All three women attack Kong, but Kim tags in and helps Kong clean house. Kim hits the missile drop kick on Taryn for for the three count but Marti and Jade break it up. Kong hits the Impact Buster on Jade, but the distraction allows Taryn to get a roll up on Kim for the pin. Fun women's match and there's intriguing chemistry between new tag team partners Kim and Kong.

Winners: The Dollhouse

After the match Kim hits the Eat Defeat on Belle and Kong then seals the deal with an implant buster.

They air a video of the Hardy boys winning the tag team titles. Josh then shows Jeff Hardy's motorcycle accident. Josh speculates on the future of the belts now that Jeff is badly hurt. We see a solemn-looking Matt backstage with both belts.

An ad airs for One Night Only.

We get a recap of the Storm/Magnus/Mickie drama. Mickie and Magnus argue backstage. Magnus said Storm disrespected him. Mickie says she feels Magnus is the one disrespecting her.

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring for an interview with Jeremy Borash. He's still carrying the belts. Borash asks on Jeff is doing. Matt says it's been difficult and Jeff is in a great deal of pain. Matt adds that Jeff is a daredevil and an enigma and is going to do what he wants. Matt says they have to accept that Jeff is going to do what he does. Matt then announces they are vacating the titles. He lays the belts down in the ring and says he's going to do some thinking about what is next for him.

As he's on his way out, Roode and Aries arrive in the ring. They shake his hand. Aries then gets on the mic and announces this is his "big night." Aries says he still has his briefcase and he won't forget about what Young did to him, but right now he's concentrating on getting the tag team titles. He notes the titles seem cursed because whoever holds them gets hurt. He calls it unfortunate but says this is an opportunity for him and Roode. He says he and Roode feel they are the best and most dominant team in the world. He says the belts deserve better than to be vacated every other week. The belts deserve to be defended by fighting champions. Then Davey Richards comes out and says The Wolves are the best team and deserve the belts. He says Aries and Roode are good but they aren't the best team in the world. Richards then welcomes back Eddie Edwards who has been medically cleared to wrestle. Edwards says Roode and Aries think they are the best team in the world, but it's really The Wolves who are. But Edwards doesn't just want one match, he wants a best of five series. Aries and Roode agree to this and they all shake hands. So things are respectful and friendly...for now.

Just as Matt is leaving the building with his luggage, Galloway stops him. They have a short talk and Galloway notes they are very alike and neither walk away from a fight.

Angelina Love is the ring bragging about how she is the only beautiful person in TNA. She calls herself the greatest Knockout ever. She spots Velvet Sky in the crows and asks why she is here. Velvet, who has a bold new biker chick look and has dyed her hair purple and red, comes down to the ring and has a very tense staredown with Love. Love laughs at her new makeover. Love says she was too busy "having a life" to text her back when Velvet was fired by TNA a few months ago. Love goes for a stiff hug on her former best friend and Velvet looks extremely irritated. Love then says Velvet is trying to upstage her and says she is nothing without her. After a few seconds of staring at her in quiet fury Velvet speaks Love and then attempts to choke her! Security people have to come in to pull the women apart. Good segment and I'm digging Velvet's new look and character.

A video airs for Angle vs. Young. We see Young ask Bully what he's up to and if he's going to screw him. Bully says he's just here to referee a match. We head for a break.

Kurt Angle vs Eric Young for the TNA World Championship.

The bout starts with some sharp matwork. Young then goes after Angle's neck with some brutal stomps before Angle fights back with overhead belly to belly suplex. Young then rakes Angle's eyes and his him with a flurry of vicious punches. He hits a brutal-looking headbutt too and continues to dominate. Angle then battles back with some hard punches from the corner. Angle hits a belly to belly and sends Young to the floor. Angle soon joins him and the two brawl, with Young hitting some elbows. Then the BDC come out to watch. We head for an ad break.

We come back and see Young hitting a neckbreaker for the two count. The BDC inch closer to the ring in an ominous, menacing manner. Young chokes Angle in the corner with his boot. He then hits Angle with more hurtful elbows to the back of the head. Angle fights back with some European upper cuts and a backdrop. He then hits several rolling Germans and pulls down his straps. Young manages to counter the Angle Slam into a sunset flip which Kurt then counters into an ankle lock. Young manages to get to the rope but Kurt drags him back. Young fights and rolls out of it, sending Angle to the outside. Young then hits Bully with a low blow while the BDC beat down Angle. Chris Melendez comes out to help Angle but is overwhelmed by the BDC too. The Rising come out to make the save and a massive brawl on the ramp starts. Young tries to piledrive Bully but the former ECW star turns it into a backdrop. Angle then hits the Angle slam on Young, but he kicks out at two. Young counters the Angle Slam to hit a piledriver on Kurt! Amazingly, Young only gets the two count out of this. Young looks absolutely astounded here. It was great. Young heads up top for the elbow drop, then Angle gets up and Young then goes for the crossbody. Angle counters into the ankle lock with the grapevine. Young taps. Very, very good main event with several tremendous moments.

Winner: Kurt Angle

The show goes off the air with Angle and Bully celebrating with the World title. Impressively, Bully is still selling the low blow.

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