WWE Main Event Results (5/2): Prime Time Players Vs. The Ascension, Stardust Gets A Win

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of WWE Main Event. Today we'll see former world champion Jack Swagger take on Stardust, as well as the surging Prime Time Players against the struggling Ascension.

The Ascension vs. Prime Time Players

Some back and forth action early, until Ascension isolates Titus and pummel him in the corner. Conor works Titus over briefly in the ring until Titus manages to counter with a big slam that leaves them both reeling.

Darren Young and Viktor both get tags and Young runs wild, taking out both Conor and Viktor. A big belly-to-belly suplex almost finishes off Viktor, but he's saved by Conor. Both Titus and Conor are sent outside as Young hits the Gut Check to win.

Winners: Prime Time Players via pinfall (Gut Check)

- We see the Cena/Rusev promo, and a Seth Rollins/Kane highlight package.

- They re-air the Bad News Barrett/Neville King of the Ring finals.

Stardust vs. Jack Swagger

Still no Zeb with Swagger. Sad. Swagger out-wrestles Stardust early and sends him outside after Stardust tries to get in his head. Stardust cuts Swagger's leg out from underneath him, sending him tumbling to the outside as we go to a commercial break.

We come back to Stardust attacking the leg of Swagger. He works it over for several minutes before landing a bulldog. He doesn't retain the advantage much longer, as Swagger scores a clothesline and a flapjack, followed by a Vader Bomb for a two count.

Both men are down, and Swagger struggles to reach his feet as he sells the leg. Swagger goes to the Patriot Lock, but Stardust escapes several times. Dust comes off the top ropes, but is caught in a slam that gets a two count. Disaster Kick from Stardust gets the win.

Winner: Stardust via pinfall (Disaster Kick)

That's it for Main Event, folks.


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