WWE Superstars Results (5/23): Mega Powers Vs. Adam Rose & Heath Slater, Summer Rae Vs. Alicia Fox

Welcome to this week's coverage of WWE Superstars from Wrestling Inc.

Alicia Fox vs. Summer Rae

The two trade head scissors submissions on the ground until Summer smacks Fox and attacks her outside the ring. Back inside, Summer Rae hits a big spinning wheel kick for two and locks on a Cobra Clutch. She continues the beat down for several minutes.

Alicia fights back and hits a big boot in the corner, and throws a mini-tantrum before hitting the northern lights suplex for a two count. Fox misses with the axe kick during her comeback, but lands a few strikes, comes backs and hits it.

Winner: Alicia Fox via pinfall (Axe Kick)

- We see a solid half hour of Raw Recaps

Mega Powers vs. Adam Rose & Heath Slater (w/ Rosa Mendes)

WWE is actually calling Axel and Mandow the "Mega Powers" instead of "Meta Powers" now. Axel does probably the best Hogan impersonation ever. He double clotheslines both Rose and Slater to the floor as we cut to a commercial break.

We come back to the Mega powers hitting clotheslines and and ramming the heels' heads into the turnbuckle before Mandow does the Savage head snap over the ropes. Rose distracts him, allowing Slater to knock him off the apron and mock Mandow. Back inside the ring Slater works Mandow over, getting a two count.

A big kick from Slater leads to the two beating down Mandow in the corner, getting a couple of two counts along the way. Slater goes for a second rope fist drop and eats a boot, and Axel gets the hot tag. You can guess what happens here. It ends in a big boot and a leg drop for the win.

Winners: Mega Powers via pinfall (Leg Drop)

- We get a recap from Seth Rollins: Architect of a Dream to finish the show.


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