Big Show Says He Made Floyd Mayweather Break His Nose, Explains Original Plans For Match

After 20 years in pro wrestling, Big Show continues being an integral part of the WWE program. The 6-time world champion appeared on Chris Jericho's Talk is Jericho podcast this week to talk about one of the more important angles of his career: facing Floyd Mayweather at WrestleMania.

Big Show noted that he'd been doing boxing training for a year prior to the match with Mayweather, and knew that Mayweather would be capable of breaking his nose with accuracy. Big Show then said that he specifically asked Mayweather to do it in order to help set off the angle.

"I was used to getting punched in the face, if that makes any sense. I went to him and said 'look, I'm so much bigger than you, you're going to need to break my nose,' and he looks and me and goes 'what?' and I said if he didn't break my nose that we're dead in the water. We had to get people talking, because who's dumb enough to let a boxer break their nose?" Show said.

Big Show noted that he initially thought that Mayweather hit him three times, but when he watched it back it was five times. Show put over Mayweather's speed, and explained the story about how the match came together.

"I went down to my knee, hands to my side, eyes closed to get my nose broke. I was excited for the opportunity, because originally it was supposed to be Floyd & I against Rey & Batista in a tag, but Batista tore a tricep or a lat or something and Rey got hurt. This was all in like a two-week period. They asked me if I'd work with Money Mayweather and put him over, and I said absolutely. I've put over way worse," said Show.

Show talke about several topics throughout his career, including being frustrated working with Zach Gowen, WCW, the Dungeon of Doom, smoking in the ring and more. You can listen to the full podcast at this link.


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