Chris Jericho On His Vision For WWE Tough Enough, Ryback Gives Advice To Potential Contestants

- Above is a new video from the WWE Tough Enough website with host Chris Jericho. Jericho says he wanted to make the show hip & contemporary, like The Voice or American Idol. Jericho's goal for the show is to have people who don't follow WWE tune in, as they have done with Total Divas.

- The Tough Enough website also has a quick Q&A up with Ryback, who discussed being on the show years ago. He gave advice to contestants who join this season's cast:

"I've seen guys who spent their entire lives in the military, who are considered "tough guys," quit after two days. I've seen guys come from a mixed martial arts background quit after just a few days. It takes a special mindset, and you have to have a love and a passion for WWE. As long as you respect it when you step in the ring, you'll be all right. It's the guys who don't who fall off."