Chyna Ready To Reclaim Her Identity, Director Raising Money For Inspirational Documentary

- Director Erik Angra has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a documentary on former WWE star Chyna. They are seeking $10,000 to produce "The Reconstruction of Chyna" and have raised $315 with 9 backers as of this writing. The page notes that Chyna will be reconnecting with friends, family and fans this summer.


The description reads like this:

At the height of the WWE's "Attitude" era CHYNA was a top-tier figure in a male dominated sport. Winning the world title, the Intercontinental Title twice, and being the number one contender for the heavyweight crown.

Eventually she was crushed by her fiance Triple H's infidelities with the boss's daughter, Stephanie McMahon. He would go on to marry her and become the heir to the WWE Throne.

Chyna would be ostracized from the WWE, cut off from all royalty checks and spiral into pornography and reality shows to survive.

After hitting rock bottom as an alcoholic, she ended up on her feet in Japan. Teaching foreign language for three and a half years while meditating, doing yoga, and getting her life together. Now she comes back to the country that made her a goddess amongst men to redeem herself and reclaim her identity.

Our documentary will follow Chyna across the country as she rediscovers herself with old friends, celebrities and fans before arriving in LA to start her life again.

This film will be an inspiration to women everywhere. Chyna is a living example of a strong feminist who rose to stardom in a male dominated sport despite all odds.