Former WWE trainer Tom Prichard spoke with The News Hub recently about working with Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon, as well as his time as a WWE talent. You can read the highlights below and check out the full interview at this link:

His relationships with Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon:

"They are all the same in sense that they had that passion and that drive for the business. I think Paul and Jim are very similar in their beliefs and they might be at the opposite spectrum at times. They both had a passion about them. I think that everybody says this and it's true that the closest guy to Lorne Michaels on TV he just reminds you of Vince. That guy in control of everything that guy that has to know everything. I think that's why he's been so successful because he knows about everything going on and that's why he will not be beat in sports entertainment by anybody.

Paul is a mad genius too and some of the last promos he's done for Brock and the build up to Wrestlemania 31 was just so great and that was all Paul Heyman. I have a ton of respect for Paul. I have a ton of respect for Jim Cornette too. Jim knows he gets passionate. He knows he gets carried away at times but that's what makes him Jim. It's what makes Cornette, Cornette. Not everyone is going to love him and he's okay with that."

Working with Chris Candido as the BodyDonnas:

"It was terrible, it was a really bad time. It wasn't a great time for professionally or personally in my life. At that time it was a gig and it was still in wrestling. It was terrible. I hated every minute of it. I liked working with Chris but the rest of the gig was just really bad. It was my fault it happened like that. But that's what happened. We can't go back and change it and it was not the best time of my life or my career.

You had to make the best of a situation or otherwise I would have had no job and no gig and that's not where I was at yet. I had just come off a run and still had long hair and had to put it under a shield and a crew cut was just really awkward. It was uncomfortable for a lot of reasons. It just wasn't a good time. That's what the BodyDonnas were for. It just wasn't a good place to be."