Jeff Jarrett On TNA Cancellation Rumors, If GFW Has Spoken With Destination America

I recently spoke with Jeff Jarrett, who was promoting the upcoming Global Force Wrestling television tapings next month in Las Vegas. Please note that the interview – which will be posted in its entirety next week – was conducted before he appeared on last night's episode of Impact Wrestling. During the interview, I asked Jarrett about the rumors of Destination America possibly dropping TNA in September.

"To this day, I don't know what to believe and what not to believe," Jarrett admitted. "I've said it many times, I wish those guys nothing but the best. I think it's very healthy for the business for Ring of Honor to get on Destination America. If the rumors turn out to be true, obviously it's not good for TNA or the wrestling business in general. Cable television is at a real crossroads in their life. On one hand they're very healthy with live event programming, sports, signing bigger and better packages every year. On the other hand they went from 50 channels to 500, now when you look at the streaming services, the choices that everyone has when it comes to all forms of entertainment and how you can consume it, the choices are incredible. If you put out a compelling product with compelling characters the people will find it and it will grow."

I also asked Jarrett if Destination America was one of the networks that he had spoken to for a potential television deal for Global Force Wrestling.

"The Global Force Team has had conversations with multiple networks, and we'll continue having those discussions," Jarrett said. "The thing that people hear and lose sight of is that we're launching a global brand. The international markets are important to us as well. Domestic and International distribution is going to have to go hand-in-hand and that has been a challenge, but we're very excited about our plans."

Make sure to check back next week for our full interview with Jarrett. You can follow Jarrett on Twitter @RealJeffJarrett, and Global Force Wrestling @GFWWrestling.